5 Useful Features of SEMrush SEO Tool for Bloggers

SEMrush has always been one of my favorite SEO tools and this review is based on that experience.

If you have been blogging for quite some time now, you must have reached a stage where you need to pay attention to doing the proper SEO audit for your blog.


This is because Google is going to release a new algorithm in June 2018.

Will Google stop? No.

Every year and month, sometimes even for some days in a row minor or major, new algorithms are going to be rolled out and you need to get prepared for it.

Every day hundreds of blogs start. Less than 10% make it through. The whole purpose of doing SEO is to make sure you are one of that 10 % of people.

Now here in this post, I am going to show you some shining aspects of SEMrush and some stone hard reasons for you to decide if you want to choose a premium SEO tool or not.

Read all way along and I think, the answer will be yes.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a keyword research, SEO audit and competition analysis tool that helps you to optimize your On-Site and off-page SEO. Moreover, you get additional features such as keyword magic tool, backlink checker, PPC data and above all, your competition becomes bare with this tool in your hand.

To furthermore enhance your experience with SEMrush, you can also keep an eye on social media marketing with finding profitable opportunities in AdWords, Facebook ads and social media conversions.

Needless to say, it is a complete tool for your search engine marketing management.

SEMrush is an online software-based SEO tool that helps you to overthrow your competition.

Below listed are a few of the highlighted features of SEMrush.

1. Comprehensive Keyword Research

Keyword research isn’t dead. The ratio of a keyword to the content remains one of the key factors that help you climb the rankings, Easily.

Free tools like KWfinder allows you to do 5 keywords research a day. That’s a great deal for beginners but as you grow, let’s say you got close to 50 posts, you will have to do a more aggregated research in order to find the most valuable yet easy to rank keywords.

You will then have to prepare your article according to the keyword and tools like SEMrush helps you in that.

There is never a fixed number of how many keyword research you will have to perform and imagine if you couldn’t find the keyword and related data in a single with only 5 attempts, what will you do?

Postpone the article to the next day.

That will cost you your rankings. Google loves fresh content so do it do the consistency. If you are having an unprepared schedule of posting, you will eventually lose the rankings.

With SEMrush, you get unlimited keyword research to analyze what are the best ones which will be easier to rank for. Additionally, they also provide you with valuable information like:-

  • Who is ranking for that keyword?
  • What us the PPC value
  • What are the trends
  • Other correlating keywords

And more. Now this will help you to evaluate what exactly it takes to rank that particular one. This data is really valuable and you should definitely look into it.

2. Competition Analysis

This is something I love and use a lot. We all have someone who is our biggest competitor and we urge to outgrow them.

Every day millions of blog posts are published and several thousands of blogs are initiated. Some blogs which are established make it very harder for these new ones to rank.

Not everyone is an SEO executive and most of them are merely a beginner. Watching their competitors grow while they struggle can make them frustrated. What should they do? Step back?

No way!

Your competitors are a valuable resource. Use them against themselves and steal their rankings with SEMrush.

There are several you can learn about how your competition gets on the first page with SEMrush. Let me highlight some of them:-

A. Reveal the backlinks

Backlinks are those links that connect one domain to another. These links work as a key factor in increasing your rankings when authoritative.

Use SEMrush backlink checker tool to reveal the backlinks they get from authority sites. Here you have to find the sites that are relevant to your niche.

The SEMrush backlink checker tool works great and shows you how many links are currently pointed towards the domain.

Now once you have gone lost of those relevant domains, you need to ask them for a backlink. This process becomes very easy when you have created a bunch of quality content.

How to ask these sites for a backlink?

You can request to site for a guest post. This idea works for most cases. The guest post will give you a backlink along with the exposure and traffic. In case they don’t allow a backlink, find some other one.


You can follow the fundamental law, the content creation.

Take your time and write a great, informative and powerful content that everybody including the influencers will love. Remember that these are articles give maximum organic traffic, shares, and backlinks not because they are lengthy, i.e. Because they are informative and share-worthy

B. Reveal Their Top Posts In SERPs

SERPs or the search engine ranking pages are those pages which the search engine display when you hit a query. You can use SEMrush to get the list of your competitor’s top pages and that rank higher than any other pages relevant to the targeted keyword.

As a competition, you should be targeting these pages right from day one.

Go ahead and enter the domain name of the fellow blog you want to know about and analyze what are the pages that perform exceptionally well.

Read these posts and pages and look for the flaws and errors in it. Look for the missing information and details on these.

Now get back to your blog and start writing the content in a better way. Use your writing skills and curate the Content. Fill it with actionable ideas that people will love to read and do.

C. Reveal Paid Search(s)

If your competition is using any kind of paid Search or endorsements, that too will show up in SEMrush.

How will you use this data?

It’s simple. You can check what are the keywords they are targeting. How well they are performing.

Now you don’t have to target the same keywords. You will now focus on correlating keywords. Google correlation keyword search tool is a great way to get started along with the SEMrush.

3. Site Audit Report

A Site audit report gives you an in-depth SEO structure of your site. This report includes everything which is related to search engine optimization.

For instance, site audit shows you how many articles don’t have a meta description specified, how many aren’t optimized for keywords, how many social shares your posts got, how many images aren’t having Alt-texts, how many are orphaned posts and more.

SEMrush also shows you the Backlinks, PPC value, Aggregate keyword rankings, No-Follow & Do-Follow Links, Top Anchors, site speed, content length and quality, Authority ranks ( DA & PA ) and responsive structural analysis.

Another important part of this tool. Although this a part of the site audit report too, I want to elaborate on this feature as much as I can.

SEMrush also shows you backlinks pointing to your site in a quick overview section and site audit report. These are the links pointing towards your domain from a different domain that connects you both.

Backlink – a link that points towards your domain or website from another domain ( unique IP ) is known as a backlink.

When someone points to a link to your domain, that is known as a backlink. For example, If BforBloggers (bforbloggers.com) mentions SEMrush.com in a blog post, then SEMrush.com (the domain) gets a backlink.

Now as long as you get a backlink from a quality website,  it’s good for your SEO. However,  if you get a backlink from any spammer or regulations violating the website,  you will have to face penalization and rank loss.

With SEMrush, you can monitor your backlinks and the smart tools will automatically notify you if it finds a Spammie one. You can then use the google webmasters to disavow those links so that you don’t lose your valuable rankings.

4. Side By Side Domain Comparison & Insights

With SEMrush you can compare your website with any other one to check what you lack.

Compare top influencing blogs and websites that are tending with your blog and find how they increase their organic reach.

Be it their top keywords, top pages, their headlines or their top PPC pages. You can reveal it all.

Also, look for the keywords that are common between you and your competitor. This will help you to choose new keywords That Won’t collided with the established publishers.

5. Keyword magic tool

This can be a game-changer for your keyword research strategy. With the SEMrush keyword magic tool, you can actually rank for multiple keywords with ease! Here’s how.

Normally, a typical keyword research tool shows you the basic data such as search volume, specific country gravity, and PPC value. On the other hand the keyword magic tool shows you:-

  • CPC and volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Competition level
  • SERP features

It’s a beta release and in the future, you can expect a lot more features. SEMrush is collecting feedback regarding this tool so grab the trial offer now and nail it!

Oh, did I mention you could export up to a million keyword and related data into a single file!

SEMrush’s pricing starts at $99/month.

Get your free trial of SEMrush >>

I hope you have made up your mind if SEMrush is a fit for you. I am sure you won’t get a better tool than this one.

I kept the review short and centric to the facts and features that matter the most so if you have any doubt remaining, ask them in the comment section below.


  1. I found your SEMrush review useful. Content ideas and backlink analysis are always important to know the domain authority in your niche. You need to spend little time to propel your results for better ROI. Thanks for a nice article.

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    I wanted to read a review of the SEMrush seo tool and I read a lot of articles on Google, but I did not understand anything, then I found your article in Google, I am telling you to have to write everything in very simple language, I understood very easily.

    that out of all the articles I have read so far, the best one only your article.

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