Sked Social Review – Is it The Best Instagram Scheduler?

Social media marketing has been seeing a constant increase in significance and usage. Platforms like Instagram are now a massive space to market products and services, and it only becomes all the more important to leverage it as much as possible. 

To make this easier for you, Sked Social brings you the ultimate Instagram scheduler tool that helps businesses, agencies, and brands to build from scratch. They are one of the top players in the Instagram business scheduling space, and they are all set to rise higher and extend their tool to function with Facebook, Pinterest, and even Twitter. 

What is Sked Social?

Sked Social is the top Instagram scheduler tool that all businesses must have to visually plan and systemize stunning feeds and automatically publish all posts in real-time. It also helps you analyze your posts, garner insights, and learn from your mistakes to become better. 

It helps you create, find and store all the social media marketing content that you have in an online space while collaborating with multiple partners and staff that make your business skyrocket even further. In our Sked Social Review, we will be talking all about the tool and everything it has to offer!


Sked Social Features

Automatic post publishing

Sked’s primary feature is to automatically post everything on your brand’s behalf so that you can focus on your core business instead. It frees you from handling all post submissions and makes it seamless for your team to schedule multiple posts at once, according to the time frame that suits your business and its audience the best.

Tags and hashtags

The platform allows you to schedule all your Instagram posts at once, with the relevant user tags, location tags, hashtags and more, that help you increase your engagement and sales. This also helps improve the business’ online presence amongst the audience and highly appreciates the business reach.

Auto-posting across all platforms

With Sked, you can schedule posts to be shared across multiple platforms at once. It does focus on Instagram explicitly, but that does not mean that they only post on one platform. You can schedule posts to be shared on Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Twitter, and even LinkedIn.

sked 4

Chrome extensions for UGC

Sked focuses on leveraging all the buzz that is around your brand to create even more buzz. It does so by scheduling all user-generated content into an automatic post, which is always a click away. 

Visually planned feeds

With Sked, you can master the skill of having aesthetic feeds for your brand. It helps you plan your feed with several color combinations and coordination and gives you a visual feel of how it will look. It generates a visual appeal of your feed for months before you start posting and also allows you to drag and drop items to make them look perfect.

Social media analytics

The Sked platform does not only focus on the beauty of your feed but its technical analytics too. You can plan everything that you have to post months in advance and receive analytics for Facebook and Instagram that go back to up to 2 years. This helps in understanding how your business has been performing and what you can do to make it better.

Marketing tools

The platform offers visual marketing tools with a photo editor that makes sure all of your posts look nothing less than perfect. It pulls looks together to ensure that the photo is visually appealing and attracts the audience. 

You can tweak and edit photos with over 60 filters available on the Sked platform, along with stickers, cropping tools, overlays, and even text forms. The Canva integration makes the editing process even better!

Scheduling tools

With Sked, you get access to proficient scheduling tools that help you get a bunch of videos and images that you can submit as a queue. You can easily pick the time and days that suit you best, and the Sked team will ensure that the posts are posted exactly then.

Fast workflows and stunning templates

Sked offers several mentions and hashtags that make it easy for your business to reach more people. Their social media post templates come with several designs that you can choose from to make your feed stand out uniquely. 

Free link in bio tool

The free link in the bio tool offered by Sked makes it easy to have clickable links on your business profile. You can quickly create landing pages that your users can click through. This opens up galleries of your posts that link to products, blogs, or whatever other information that you want to have on your profile.

Analytics dashboard

The platform provides you with a robust analytics dashboard that tells you how exactly your posts are doing. You can use this dashboard to see which are the high-performing posts and which posts do not perform well to discard them in the future. 

Solid support

In case you ever face any issue with the sked platform, you can contact their support team, who are readily available to solve all issues. They offer a 24/7 support issue with a global team appointed for you at all times. They also have a one-on-one training personal tour that you can book.

Apart from that, the Sked website offers a knowledge base portal where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions and tips and vices via blogs that can help you improve your social media strategy.

sked 2

Sked Social helps you with the following: 

  • It visually plans attractive and cohesive Instagram feeds for your business that improves business visibility and reach.
  • It posts on your behalf, so you do not have to log in every evening and on the weekends in order to post.
  • The platform also helps in growing your following list and sales with popular hashtags and tags.
  • It offers you a free 7-day trial period where you can use the platform as your own to see if it is going to fit your business needs or not.
  • Sked auto-posts to multiple platforms at once, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.
  • The platform also gives you extremely deep and informative Instagram analytics that helps you improve your business strategies.
  • It enables you to work from anywhere from any device seamlessly.
  • The platform also allows you to collaborate with an unlimited number of users, freelancers, and team members for absolutely no cost.

sked 1

Unique functionalities for business types

sked 3


For agencies, Sked offers features that focus on saving your business time and money with intelligent tools. It does everything for the agencies efficiently by streamlining all planning, proving, and publishing posts on your behalf seamlessly. 

Here is everything you can receive as an agency with Sked –

  • Time-saving by transferring all the admin work to administrative experts provided by the Sked team that does all email and excel related work.
  • Automatic scheduling and posting of feeds, carousels, stories, and everything possible on the social media platform.
  • Post-approval workflows by clients that are easy to get with unique links.
  • Easy tracking of all the workflows for editorial approvals, copywriting, and more.
  • Seamless collaboration with the team irrespective of the size.
  • Communication within the team through a comment section that builds easy coordination amongst team members. 
  • Instagram analytics that identifies which posts are highly engaging and which are not.
  • Report delivery and export to CSV files.

sked 6


If you are an eCommerce business, the Sked platform has enough for you too! It helps you sell more in the easiest way possible by building a brand and a visual-centric Instagram presence that ensures high sales. 

Here is everything you can receive as an eCommerce business with Sked –

  • It offers visual marketing tools that immensely help you plan and schedule all possible content pieces.
  • Sked gives you Instagram product tags that are shoppable to make your products an easy buy.
  • It posts all content with tags and images or carousels automatically.
  • With their link in the bio tool, you can easily include product links in your shop link.
  • The platform easily connects you to your followers and readers.
  • It also gives you complete control over your branding and integrates important analytics software.
  • Their advanced Instagram grid planner tool helps in getting your business aesthetics right.
  • It offers a drag and drops editor that helps you queue, edit and systemize all your grids.
  • Sked offers a calendar layout to plan posts as you edit them. 

sked 7

Media brands 

Media brands are also highly benefitted from Sked as it increases the reach of media brand businesses with the right set of tools and techniques. It lets you focus on content creation by taking away the responsibility to post regularly. 

Here is everything you can receive as a Media Brand business with Sked –

  • It makes your content visible to your audience organically to increase engagement and reach.
  • The platform offers auto-posting of stores and feeds posts to make it easier for your business to handle regular posting.
  • Sked also allows your business to collaborate in the easiest way possible with as many people as you would like to, in a single way.
  • It connects your business with your followers and readers to increase business presence and visibility.
  • It improves internal communication and workflows by helping you seamlessly collaborate with your team.
  • Sked has robust analytics and reporting mechanism where you can easily identify the best ways to engage and the best time to post.
  • It offers a social media calendar that helps you schedule everything easily.

sked 5

Exclusive Features for Instagram

  • Location tagging
  • Drag and drop visual grid planner
  • Product tagging
  • Videos, stories, and carousels
  • Hashtags in the first comment itself
  • Hashtag manager
  • Link in the bio customization and tracking
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Story planning and scheduling
  • Instagram regram application
  • Powerful photo editor 
  • Magic cropping

sked 9

Features for Other Platforms

Here’s a list of features Sked offers for all other platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google My Business:

  • Robust emoji support
  • Custom time zone setting for every account
  • Seamless management of clients
  • Easy team collaboration irrespective of the number of team members
  • Draft and drop social media calendar
  • Canva integration
  • Recurring post timings through a queue
  • Powerful photo editor
  • Automatic image cropping
  • Ultimate post drafts
  • Unlimited users and collaborators
  • Bulk uploading
  • Multiple channels uploading at once
  • Streamlined workflow for all team sizes

Streamlining Sked Workflows

Steps to streamline your workflows through the Sked platform:

  1. Schedule your existing posts according to the date and time you want them to be published.
  2. View your achieve and upcoming posts that are yet to be published.
  3. Plan and create incredible posts either on your own or with your team.
  4. Put the post in an order and pick the time you want them to be posted.
  5. Focus on your core business and leave the posting job to Sked Social.

Sked Pricing

Sked comes with a 7-day free trial, and if you like the platform, you can choose from these three paid subscription plans –


The first plan is the fundamentals plan that offers basic features and costs $25 USD per month, billed monthly. It includes –

  • 1 Instagram account
  • One user
  • Visual Instagram planner
  • 2 Pinterest accounts
  • Twitter accounts
  • LinkedIn pages
  • YouTube channels
  • Facebook pages
  • Google my business locations
  • Advanced Instagram auto-posting
  • Auto-posting to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google My Busines
  • First comment hashtags, user tag, and location tags
  • Instagram and Facebook analytics
  • Support and security
  • Content curation and creating


The essentials plan enables you to have access to UGC sourcing, product tags, unlimited users, and competitor tracking. It costs $75 USD per month when billed monthly. It includes –

  • Everything in fundamentals
  • Unlimited users
  • 3 to 5 Instagram accounts
  • Pinterest accounts
  • Twitter accounts
  • LinkedIn pages
  • Google my business locations
  • Facebook pages
  • YouTube channels
  • Competitor tracking for Instagram
  • Competitor analysis for Instagram
  • Sourcing content from Instagram posts and hashtags
  • Content library for asset management
  • Zapier integration


The professional plan is Sked’s most elite plan that offers robust team collaboration, approval workflows, and post statuses. It costs $135 per month, billed monthly. It includes –

  • Everything in the essentials plan
  • Unlimited users
  • Pinterest accounts
  • Twitter accounts
  • LinkedIn pages
  • Google my business locations
  • YouTube channels
  • Facebook pages
  • 5 to 10 Instagram accounts
  • Approval workflows
  • Internal user comments
  • Post statuses
  • Dashboards
  • The dedicated customer success manager 

sked 8


Sked Social according to us is one of the best Instagram and other social media schedulers that helps you immensely to organize all your posts easily. It takes away the responsibility to post at odd hours to reach your audience.

Sked is extremely efficient with its marketing, scheduling, and analytics tools. In all probabilities, the platform suits almost every type and size of business and makes work easier for all.

Get started with Sked Social for free

Its easy collaboration and communication system allows you to interact with unlimited users, making it a social media marketing platform worth trying!

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