5 Best Social Proof Marketing Tools To Increase Conversions

Social proof is a great way to get more conversions, even if your budget is super low.

In fact, sometimes there’s no investment needed at all.

Just a simple social proof tool can work for you all the way. And now that people get influenced by what others do this is the best time to include this in your marketing strategy.

How social proof works?

Social proof is when people who see other people doing a specific activity matching their own interests tend to follow them. It helps to build trust and easily prove the value of whatever the product or service is.

When I see someone buying a new Instagram marketing tool, I would want to try it so that I can stay in the loop. I would try to buy it because I don’t want to get left behind and since I see people buying it, It has my confidence with it.

It works around the concept of FOMO (fear of missing out). If I don’t buy this now, I’ll be missing it, If I don’t buy it now, my friends will not take me in. That’s how FOMO works.

Social proof makes people feel confident about a product or service and convince them to take action. Here the action will be your call to action.

That’s why social proof works, and you should be definitely using it in your business & marketing strategy.

Social Proof Tools That You Can Start Using Right Now

1. Fomo

Fomo is the best tool to include fear of missing out and social proof in the part of your sales funnel. Fomo is a powerful social proof marketing tool that is both customizable and feature-rich.

The reason I recommend Fomo over others is it’s super easy to implement and manage. You don’t need to go through a learning curve. Yet still, it is so much powerful and customizable.

Fomo comes with a one-step further notification message technology that supports multiple and any kind of message you can think of. It has a shortcode-based backend module and in the frontend, its a beautiful and high converting Fomo bar.

The shortcode can be used as:

{{ first_name | bold }} just moved a new feature to {{ status }} on the {{ board_name }}

And this will transform in to:

You can integrate Fomo with HubSpot and 100 more apps in one click. The tracking system in Fomo is also really nice and intuitive that’ll help you track conversion rates as well as all products from one dashboard.

Learn more about Fomo tool (Get 15 days free)

P.S. I’ve also managed to get you your first month free on Fomo. Enjoy!

2. WP Fomify

Social proof and creating urgency, this is what WP Fomify does. WP Fomify is a WordPress plugin that helps to create FOMO bars and create at the same time show social proof to make your visitors act fast.

WP Fomify is very customizable and if you are concerned about the branding part then this plugin would be the best choice for you. A point to note, WP Fomify works on WordPress websites only.

Some of its features are:

  • Real-time visitor event tracking
  • Urgency marketing
  • Ability to display reviews
  • Ability to track conversions
  • Powerful targeting options

And more. WP Fomify gives its customers full-time support so if you ever got stuck, you can find the answer by sending an email anytime.

It has multiple integrations. You can connect WP Fomify with Zapier, ConvertKit, and MailChimp and others easily. Read the full review.

Learn more about WP Fomify

3. Nudgify

Nudgify is another great tool to add a social proof notification no matter how beginner you are. It requires a one-time setup to display the most recent happenings such as views, optins, and purchases across your website or on a specific page.

With Nudgify, you get features like:

  • Live count of visitors
  • Recent activity notifications
  • Buyer flow
  • Time and date settings
  • Custom rules
  • Custom time and date options
  • Fomo, cards and other different formats

And more. Nudgify is translatable in 20 languages so if you are targeting audiences in multiple languages or languages other than English, you can easily translate the widget. And it’s fully compatible with Shopify too.

Learn more about Nudgify.

4. Provely

Provely is a more user-centric tool. You’ll get to see a smarter social proof notification on your website with it as it uses smart triggers to display them.

It ensures the campaigns you create will be shown to the right person at the right time. You won’t have to speculate what’s best for you.

In fact, it is so smart that you can make it work on automating the cycle by digging much deeper into settings. Provely is customizable from the core, you can match your social proof bars and other elements to your website easily.

Provely is one of the fastest ways to get started with social proof marketing because it comes with an easy-to-understand but in-depth onboarding tutorial. Newbies would like that.

Learn more about Provely

5. WP Fomo

WP Fomo, a WordPress plugin is a free tool to add FOMO bars to your website. This is the most straightforward tool you’ll see ever.

The only thing you need to get started is to active WP Fomo on your website and head on to the plugin settings. There the main settings are to set when notifications display, what the message will be and how they will appear.

You can also add custom messages and custom images in your Fomo bars using WP Fomo. There’s also an option to add multiple notices if you want.

Learn more about WP Fomo 

That’s all.

I hope you’ve found your social proof tool and plan to use it on your website. You would also want to read about the handpicked social media automation tools.

Let me know which one you found good for you and why.

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