BlueHost Tutorial: How to Start a Blog in 2023

Is it too late to start a blog in 2023?


Millions of new people are coming online every month.

We’re actively searching for the best information. Despite the content saturation, you can stand out from the crowd, simply skip the mediocre content phase.

You have endless opportunities.

This mega guide will show you how to start a blog that will help you showcase your talent over the web (and make money from it).

No matter if you don’t have any experience.

I’ve tried to simplify the whole process so you can follow each step without any difficulties.

Let’s get started…


Before heading to WordPress installation and other technical things, you should know about at least three things that will help you in the future to better handle your blog and it’s growth.

The first thing you need to know about is “Web Hosting”:

What is Web Hosting

The web host is where your whole Blog resides. When you purchase a hosting plan from a web hosting provider, you are given a server where you can store your files, images, content and other data. Without it, there is no web and no websites. It’s the most important aspect while starting a blog and you need to make sure you have the best one.

Read this article which tells you about What is Web hosting in detail and it’s different types as well.

The second thing you need to know about is “Domain Name”.

What Is A Domain Name

A domain name is a specific name you want your IP address to be called with. Whenever you purchase a web hosting plan, you are allocated with a specific IP address either shared or dedicated. When you link your name server with this IP, that’s where the domain redirects anyone who tries to access it from a browser.

Read This post which tells you about what is a domain and how It differs from web hosting.

Now, We need to move one step ahead which will pull us closer to the most exciting part.

Choosing And Purchasing A Domain Name

As far as the purchase part is concerned, You can have a free domain forever as well. Yes, you don’t need to purchase your preferred domain name as the web host we are going to signup for will be giving you a free domain forever.

It will cost you somewhere between 12 bucks for purchasing a domain name from registrars like NameCheap and Godaddy. Save your money for good.

The best web host to select as a beginner

For anyone looking for a quick and inexpensive way to start a blog, I recommend BlueHost.

Bluehost gives you the best available price for shared hosting services. I strongly recommend you to go with them as they are the best host available for any beginner.

→ Click here to sign up for BlueHost

Now, we will start our step by step process of starting to end which includes:-

  • Purchasing a web hosting plan
  • Registering a Free Domain
  • Installing WordPress
  • Customizing the WordPress stock version
  • Giving a professional touch to our blog

Here we go!

Step 1. Head Over To The BlueHost Homepage. Click on the get started button.

Click here to Sign up for BlueHost

On the home page, click the green get started button.

Step 2. In this step, Select a plan based on the budget you have.

Among all the three plans available, the best for you will be the prime plan. It has unlimited website space, website spam protection, malware protection, free marketing credits, domain privacy, and other highly recommended and helpful features.

Click on the select button and move on to the next step.

Step 3. Choose, enter and get a domain name for free.

Bluehost gives you one domain name for free, so, on the second page, you will need to enter your preferred domain name with the extension. A .com domain extension is preferred. It should be short and memorable.

Keep in mind that your domain name will be your brand, so, think of a name that is brandable and unique.

Enter your domain name and click on the Next button.

Step 4. On this page, you are going to enter your personal details as well as the payment details.

I prefer to pay via PayPal rather than paying via credit card. You can click on the more payment options button and pay via PayPal as well. Click on the submit button and proceed to the next step.

Step 5. The moment you complete your payment, Bluehost will ask you to set a password for your Bluehost hosting control panel.

Click on the create your password button.

On the next screen, you will have to enter your desired password. Choose a password that is hard to guess and consists of at least two special characters and numbers including upper and lower space letters. Once you have created a strong password, click on the Next button and move on to the next step.

You’ll see a screen like this, confirm your registration for a Bluehost hosting account.

Step 6. Installing WordPress

WordPress makes it very easy to create, manage and expand your blog without coding or programming. It is simple and pretty easy to use.

For your convenience, WordPress comes preinstalled on all Bluehost hosting plans.

OYou will see the start building button your site button on the next page. Click on the button and proceed to next step.

Step 7. Your WordPress installation is active.

Enter a name for your blog and a tagline. Leave the other options untouched.

Here on the next screen, you will have to select a theme for your new WordPress blog.

I recommend you to choose Sydney or Hestia as they both are highly customizable and SEO-friendly themes.

Once you are done selecting a theme, click on continue. On the next screen, WordPress installation will begin:

Step 8. Basic Settings and Customization After WordPress Installation

Currently, your WordPress blog will be showing the coming soon page. This means that you can build your blog, design it, install the plugins and so on without showing your users.

I recommend you leave it as it is. Let’s do some basic customization and settings after which we can launch our blog and make it go live!

Here, I have exactly demonstrated the 3 basic settings you need to configure. The very first thing you need to do is deleting default posts and pages.

Go to posts menu and here click on the all posts menu. There is a default post from WordPress with a title hello world. All you need to do is click on trash to delete it.

Similarly, go to the pages and comments section and delete the default pages and comments with the same procedure.

Now, we need to change the permalink structure. The better your link structure is the better will be the user experience and SEO.

Go to settings and click on the permalinks section. Change the day and name to the post name. Click on save.

Now, We have to update our ping list. Head over to the post where I have posted the updated ping list with a tutorial.

That’s all, Congratulations, your blog is now live. You can access your WordPress dashboard anytime by going to the link


Replace yourdomain with your own domain name.

Here are few helpful “How-to” guides which will make you an intermediate blogger in a few weeks:-
Here are a few WordPress plugins for your every need:-
To make your WordPress blog SEO friendly:
And a few guides on better blogging:
And a few guides on making money from your blog (yay!)
And now, here are a few advanced level guide:

WordPress isn’t very hard to use and if you face any issues with your WordPress blog or if you need to ask anything, comment below.

I hope this tutorial was helpful.

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  1. Hey Aayush You have creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own blog now. Really the blogging is spreading its wings quickly. Your write up is a good example of it.

  2. Aayush, what an amazing guide. I started using Bluehost in march and it has been an amazing experience. Perfect for beginners to start a blog.

  3. Hi Aayush Bhaskar,

    Good Job. Great content with full of valuable pieces of information.

    Keep sharing such great content.

  4. Hello Aayush, I just started my blog at WordPress. But I made the whole process without getting a Bluehost plan. I followed the steps at WordPress and even paid the premium plan, which I think is worthless. I asked whether I need still to pay for a Bluehost plan and they said no, WordPress is your host already. I’m totally confused and I have not published my site yet. I see many feautures on plenty of tutorials that I don’t have on My Site menu at WordPress. I NEED YOUR ADVICE PLEASE! What should I do now since I paid the premium plan already and don’t want to spend another bill with bluehost. PD: I own my domain already.

    1. Hi Lorena,

      You can ask for a refund for your plan purchase within 30-days, no worries. It is indeed not worth it and any web hosting would allow you a lot more control over your blog. Owning your own domain is good. Reach out to the WordPress support team and ask for a refund and then purchase a Bluehost plan. There are different plans of and all of them have unique feature advantages, so, your dashboard may not show a bunch of features that are available for business plan users.

  5. hello.
    I currently created a blog in blogspot. com. can I have AdSense approved after 30 days of my blog and having unique content of 30-40 post

    1. I won’t count on that, considering BlogSpot blogs have no validity, even AdSense won’t bet on approving them. Your best option is to move to a WordPress blog and do the same with it.

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