Strikingly vs Wix: Which One’s Better For You?

With tons of website builders out there, it can be hard to pick one for your site. That’s why in this post, we narrow the list for you. We’ll talk about two of the most popular ones: Strikingly and Wix.

Both these platforms have the benefit of being no-code website builders so you don’t need to know any coding languages and can create sites easily and quickly.

To help you decide which one is better, we’ll compare its features, pricing, pros and cons.

Let’s star, shall we?

Strikingly vs Wix



Prioritizing quality over quantity, Strikingly is a website builder that lets you build a single page with multiple sections.

This Chinese company was founded in 2012 and graduated from the Y Combinator seed accelerator.

Since then, over 6 million people have used Strikingly to launch more than 12 million websites.

Today we’ll compare it with Wix but if you want an in-depth review on Strikingly, check out our post about it.



Wix is a hugely popular website builder that was founded in 2006 by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan. It currently has over 200 million users worldwide.

Besides being a website builder, they have SEO and marketing tools. And just by the look on how they market their brand, you can tell these tools will be powerful.

Website design

Strikingly templates

Wix has three ways to create a website. Firstly, a classic drag and drop editor that lets you move things however you’d like. And it includes more than 900 free templates.

Then they have an artificial design intelligence (ADI) that creates a fully designed site for you with content and images built-in. You just have to answer a few questions and it’s done.

Finally, for those with a less tight budget, there’s Wix Marketplace, a place where you can hire a Wix Partner to create a professional website for you or redesign an existing one.

Meanwhile, Strikingly only has one option. That is, the drag and drop editor. They have a long list of templates to choose from and after that, you can customize them to your liking.


Although as mentioned before, both builders are very user-friendly, Wix is built assuming you know nothing. So, it’s truly very easy to use and everything is sooo smooth.


Both builders optimize your site for search engines.

With Wix you can customize your site’s meta tags, URL structure, canonical tags, structured data markup, robots.txt file and more. They also have bulk 301 redirects and instant Google indexing.

Among some of Strikingly most recent updates, you’ll find now it supports rich snippets when your site appears in Google Search results. However, compared to Wix, they don’t have that many SEO features.


Wix has accessibility features built in every site. For example, they have heading tasks and the ability to easily add image descriptions. They also have accessibility templates and the option to hire a professional that can ensure your site is in compliance with the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines for your region.

Strikingly also advises users to use heading tasks and to use color contrast ratio of 4.5:1 for people with visual impairment.

Image hosting

The Wix Pro Gallery lets you store and share your images. It lets you upload a wide variety of files and it has automatic image optimization. Wix helps you protect your images with its watermarks features. And if people try to download them, Wix will stop them.

Also, you can sell your photos with no commission!

Strikingly, on the other hand, can be used as an image hosting if you create a photo hosting website.


Strikingly lets you accept payments in any currency via Stripe, PayPal, Square or offline payments.

Wix has Wix Payments and it allows you to receive payments from major debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Pix, Boleto, Pay Now by Klarna and more. Note that although Wix Payments isn’t available in every region, you can still select from more than 70 payment options offered on Wix worldwide.


Both Strikingly and Wix have email automations. So each time a visitor performs a certain action, they’ll receive a custom automated email. This also can look like automatically notifying members of new posts and notifying followers of new comments.


Wix and Strikingly let you add functionalities to your website thanks to their App Market. In there, you’ll find free and paid apps that are equivalent to plugins for WordPress.

Other features

Wix owns Velo, a platform that helps you rapidly build, manage and deploy professional web apps. You’ll access a visual UI Editor and dev tools to save you hours of coding.


With Strikingly, you can auto-translate your site content to quickly create a multilingual experience for your site visitors.

Besides, the website is available in 15 different languages including Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, and Czech. So not only your visitors can access your content in different languages but also anyone can create a website with no problems even if they don’t speak English.

Wix supports 22 languages including Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Hindi and Japanese.

Support and resources

Wix Learn

Strikingly has a knowledge base apart from a customer support chat available 24/7. You can start a chat from your dashboard and while you edit your website.

It also has a YouTube channel with several videos. However, it’s not updated and the last videos are from 2016.

Wix, on the other hand, uploads videos regularly on YouTube and TikTok!

Wix also has video courses and lessons on Wix Learn on topics such as freelancing, fitness management and SEO. They have 24/7 support.

Mobile app

Wix mobile app

Wix has a Wix Owner App available for Android and iOS. From it you can take bookings and payments, live chat with visitors, track business analytics and more.

Wix even has a paid feature that lets you create a fully branded mobile app. All features of your website automatically get ingrained with your web app.

The Strikingly App is also available for both Android and iOS, and it lets you manage form responses as well as new orders and includes, of course, a mobile editor.

Free plan

Strikingly has a completely free tier, which you access when you sign up on the main page. It includes unlimited sites, a Strikingly domain and 5 GB of monthly bandwidth. Besides, all premium plans come with a 14-day free trial.

Wix also lets you create a site for free. They give you unlimited sites, 500 MB of bandwidth and 500 MB of storage. You can try any of their premium plans for a period of 14 days and if it’s not for you, receive a refund.


Strikingly has three paid tiers:

  • Limited: $8 per month if billed annually. Comes with 50 GB of monthly bandwidth and lets you sell up to 5 products.
  • Pro: $11.20 per month. Embed custom code, add up to 100 pages to a single site, create a members-only section and more!
  • VIP: $34. 30 per month. Create multilingual versions of your site, add live chat and have a dedicated account manager. This plan also lets you sell unlimited products.

Plus, they have several billing options: monthly, annually, every two years, for three years or five.

Wix has four paid plans:

  • Connect domain: $4.50 per month. This plan includes a custom domain. However, it still displays Wix ads.
  • Combo: $8.50 per month. Showcase and stream up to 30 minutes of video, plus a free domain voucher for one year.
  • Unlimited: $12.50 per month. Unlimited bandwidth and Visitor analytics app.
  • VIP: $24.50 per month. Includes a professional logo, social media logo files and priority customer care.

If you need more video hours or storage space, they also have business and eCommerce plans which go from $17 per month to 35 per month.

Strikingly Pro and Cons


  • Super intuitive interface.
  • Free plan.
  • Beautiful themes and templates


  • Multilingual content is only available in Pro and upper tiers.

Wix Pro and Cons


  • AI technology that creates a site for you.
  • Tons of free learning resources.
  • Wix Marketplace.


  • Visitor analytics aren’t available on the free plan.


Wix and Strikingly are awesome solutions for anyone wanting to create a website. They are both multilingual, offer a lot of support and have a free plan.

However, when it comes to choosing one, I think Wix is far superior. They have three completely different ways to create a website and are super user-friendly: they even have accessibility features.

But let’s not forget, Strikingly is way newer than Wix, so it can also be a matter of time and the wisdom that comes with it.

Have you tried any of these websites before?

What’s your opinion of them?

Tell us in the comments!

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