– Set Up Free Push Notifications on Your Website

Do you allow your visitors to subscribe to your blog or website updates via push notifications?

Web push notifications are the online marketing world’s newest best friend. They allow you to send instant notifications, similar to those found on your smartphone to your subscribers’ devices.

It is an ideal solution for marketers. A new and very effective channel to reach your audience about news, sales, order status, special offers, empty shopping cart links, new content, events or anything else you can think of.

Subscribers is a free tool that will allow you to add such push notifications to your website for free. It helps you to re-engage your visitors.

Subscribers is also a part of Neil Patel’s marketing tools. It is one of the few simple and more featured web push notifications tools out there. It works on desktop browsers which include Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, as well as Android and iOS smartphones.

Here are a few features Subscribers has added recently:

  • Revenue Tracking: Seeing the exact ROI of a tool you’ve invested in is crucial to sticking to your budget and meeting your company’s financial goals. With revenue tracking, you can see the exact monetary value of each Subscriber you collect and each push notification you send.

  • Rich Push Notifications: Allows you to grab your subscribers’ attention and show off your shiny new products on the big screen with rich push notifications.

  • Staggered Sends: Lets you send your notifications out over a longer period to ensure traffic hits at intervals, rather than all at once.

  • Segmentation by GeoLocation, Device, & Browser: Different locations, devices, or browsers call for different messaging. You can deliver a custom message and unique customer experience to each of your subscribers based on their unique attributes.

  • Advanced Analytics: See the details behind your campaigns to optimize your marketing efforts.

  • Brand New Interface: A brand new, beautiful user interface. Designed for ease of use to make sure you accomplish what you need to in the simplest way possible.
Why Push Ads are So Effective?

Below are some stats:

Since the user must subscribe and give specific permission to receive push notifications, it attracts real audience and traffic.

Huge Reach
The worldwide reach of over 300,000,000 users of desktop, mobile or tablet.

Amazing Visibility
Push Ads are delivered even if the subscribers are not actively using their device – and that’s the first thing they will see when they are back! This brings amazing efficiency to every Push campaign.

Exceptional Performance
Highly-engaged users bring a higher click rate and exceptional conversion rate compared to standard ad formats.

Let’s get started adding free push notifications using Subscribers…

How to Get Started with

Follow this complete tutorial to sign up, install, and get started collecting your first push notification subscriber through Subscribers.

Step 1

Go to and register for an account. The free account will let you collect up to 200 push subscribers. There are paid plans too, but you don’t need them initially. Once you collect more than 200 subscribers, you can upgrade the plan as you need.

Step 2

Once you finish the registration process, you will be redirected to the main dashboard. Here, click on the “install subscribers” link in the above header section. This will open a new window with installation methods to choose from.

Step 3

The third thing you need to do is install a piece of code in your site’s HTML before </body> tag.

There will be 4 different installation methods to choose from and each one of them has a different procedure. If you are using self-hosted WordPress, the easiest method is to install the Subscribers plugin.

You can also use the Google tag manager if you are not on WordPress, as it is the second easiest method to install the code.

Download and install Subscribers plugin by going to your WordPress dashboard > plugins > add new. Then search for in the plugin repo. Click on install and activate it.

Step 4 

Once you’ve activated the plugin, go to the Subscribers plugin settings. There you should see a field asking for Site ID. Keep this page open.

Go back to your dashboard and click on the site settings link. A new page will open and here you have to copy your Site ID.

Paste the site ID in your plugin settings. Click Save settings and you are done. Now we need to verify this installation.

Step 5 

Go back to your dashboard and click on the Verify installation button at the top. Wait for a minute and you’ll see a success message. That’s it!

Your visitors will soon see a pop-up in their browsers to subscribe to your website or blog via push notifications. If the verification fails, try clearing your cache and retry the verification. It should solve the problem.

Some Advanced Features

Subscribers come with some pretty great features which include:

  • Welcome drip push notifications
  • Prompt settings
  • Push notification subscription chicklet
  • Analytics reports

Using the welcome drip notifications, you can pre-set a number of push notifications a subscriber will get automatically in a fixed sequence once he successfully subscribes to your blog or website.

If you would like to delay the subscription window pop-up, you can do so in the prompt settings.

You can also enable the pop-up chicklet. The chicklet will appear on all pages of your site.

If a user clicks on it, the pop-up modal, like the one below, will display so they can subscribe. If you disable the chicklet, it will also disable the pop-up modal.

I hope you like Subscribers. It is a great tool to convert your visitors into building a community of loyal fans and readers.

You should start using push notifications on your website or blog now, as it will add up extra people in your community and will help you build your brand faster. Pricing for starts at $29/month.

To send notifications to more than 200 subscribers, you’ll have to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

It’s relatively a newer technique and allows users to subscribe to their favorite websites and blogs without giving any personal details. Which increases its conversion rate.

Subscribers is a must-have tool in your digital marketing arsenal.

Click here to get started with Subscribers for free >>

Let me know what other digital marketing tools you use other than Subscribers.

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