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Project management and team collaboration software have gained utmost importance in the past year, primarily due to the pandemic. Almost all organizations have gone virtual, and every work process is now conducted behind a laptop screen.

Hence, it becomes essential to get our hands on an exceptional tool that eases any company’s project management process. 

Teamwork is one such tool that is simple to use has a powerful interface that manages complex projects efficiently and scales into a full-blown platform. We love Teamwork as our project management system as well, since it is a reliable software that is trusted by 20,000+ businesses and 6,000+ agencies.

From PayPal, Netflix, Spotify, Disney to Panasonic and HP – there is hardly any firm that does not love Teamwork!

We love Teamwork because it creates tasks, projects, uploads files, and adds comments super easy and seamless, with the ease of a single click.

Everything on Teamwork is stored in a central location, and the workflow is extensively flexible and customizable. Over and above that, it comes with advanced features for complex projects that we will discuss in detail as we go ahead.

What is Teamwork able to do?

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  1. Manage multiple complex projects: By using Teamwork, you can instantly know what is on track and what is not. Using dashboards board view and project health status updates enables you to see and understand how your project progresses and what all things are left to be completed. 
  2. Enhanced accountability: Teamwork allows you to assign tasks to everybody transparently and look at who is responsible for what. The time tracking feature lets you measure the working hours, allowing you to plan new projects accordingly with higher efficiency. 
  3. Effective use of resources: Through the tool, you can get insights about your team’s resources to see who is at capacity and has the capacity to take on more work, whereas who is loaded with work and needs some time to get it down, to avoid team burnout.
  4. Strong integrations: Teamwork provides you with a robust set of integrations, including but not restricted to Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, Zapier, HubSpot, and more to make your working process simpler and more effective. 

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What makes Teamwork stand out in the market?

By now, we know what all Teamwork can broadly do.

However, what is more interesting is how it is different from the competitor tools in the market and why you shall not think twice before choosing Teamwork as your project management tool.

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1. Enterprise-level easy-to-use features: Teamwork comes with Enterprise level software and features that help you meet complex project needs that are scalable. This software, otherwise, is expensive and challenging to learn and use. However, Teamwork brings you the best of all by getting easy, flexible, and feature-rich software that best suits your project needs.

2. Amicable customer support: Teamwork’s customer support and service are unparalleled. They are available 24/7 to guide you through any issues and problems you face with the app and ensure that you leave the conversation only with the appropriate solution. 

3. Unlimited free access for clients: The best thing about using Teamwork as your project management tool is its free feature for clients. If you got clients who wish to use Teamwork’s time tracking and invoicing features, they could do it for absolutely no extra costs!

4. A full-blown platform: Unlike most project management tools; Teamwork is a fully scalable playroom that is at the core of managing your work and projects at all times. Other than that, Teamwork successfully manages your entire business by unlocking features like chat, helpdesk, CRM, content collaboration software, and more – all available on one single platform.

5. Global data processing: Through Teamwork, you can decide and choose where in the world your data is held and processed, including North America, Europe, Australia, or any other part of the world.

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Teamwork 2021 Products and Features | In-Depth Explanation & Review

Help Desk Software

  • Manages all the customer communications from a centralized ticketing system, enabling you to answer queries quickly.
  • All client communications are collected from one shared place, truly beneficial for marketing agencies.
  • Increases visibility and streamlines the services.
  • Supports teams by tools that act as a customer management delight.

Teamwork desk feature

Teamwork Chat

  • Enables seamless collaboration with instant face-to-face team video chats.
  • Deep integrations and temporary chat channels for dedicated projects.
  • Searchable history allows you to look through past messages to give important decisions a vital context.
  • File sharing made easy across all channels and team members.
  • It helps your marketing team to get real-time information and enhance progress and productivity.

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Teamwork Spaces

  • Transforms documents with integrative widgets and a single source of file access.
  • Centralizes workspace by enabling you to create, edit, collaborate and share content across teams and clients.
  • Streamlines essential information across the business.
  • Enhances project planning, implementation, and execution.

Teamwork spaces

Teamwork CRM

  • It lets you manage leads and opportunities and enables you to execute perfect sales.
  • Manages all your sales pipelines, ensuring optimum success.
  • Organizes processes, generate reports on things that matter, and grows your bottom line of work.
  • Delivers smooth internal client handover.
  • Tracks critical sales data to build an in-depth understanding of sales performance.
  • Identifies bottlenecks in the pipelines and uses the insights to improve sales, traffic and makes the most out of every deal.

Teamwork crm

What problems does Teamwork solve?

Remote Working

Since most of us have moved to virtual working spaces, remote working comes with many challenges.

However, Teamwork offers a flexible remote work software that helps manage remote teams seamlessly with enhanced visibility on tasks and projects.

It helps your team stay in sync and communicate effectively through its robust features that enhance the project’s progress and team members’ productivity. 

 This is how Teamwork Chat enhances team collaboration and communication –

  • Centralizes work through a board view by creating and sharing centralized workspaces. It helps in avoiding endless email threads, missing attachments, and decisions not backed with proper proof.
  • The custom project templates enable you to repeat successfully scaled projects with defined processes. You can use these templates for employee onboarding campaign planning, and much more.
  • Teamwork Chat also helps you manage team workload by showing you everybody’s capacity, what they are working on, and who has the scope to take on some extra work. Recourses are managed effectively, and quick reassigning of tasks ensures that all projects are delivered on time.

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Marketing Agencies

Teamwork acts as a savior for marketing agencies by providing them with excellent features, making their operations easier. It helps manage complex client projects without missing a single billable minute and gives all your clients unlimited free access to this fully scalable platform. 

This is how you can scale your agency and increase profits through Teamwork –

  • Maximize team resources through powerful project templates and project management tools. It helps you manage team workload and deliver all projects confidently on time and within the budget.
  • Teamwork gives you a 10,000-foot view of how the agency’s project progress through the use of dashboards and critical reporting. It also gives you quick updates of the project’s status and health.
  • It also allows you to set time budgets on each project to ensure that you use your time efficiently across the team with the project incurring profits.
  • The tool lets you manage high volumes of projects with an ROI of 437%.
  • Truly scalable for the agency’s growth.

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Marketing Agencies

It helps your marketing team work delightfully and to their maximum potential by planning every content product in advance, with robust project management tools and features.

It automates the processes and workflows to increase efficiency and centralizes every single thing in one place. This also increases effective collaboration between the team members.

Below are the compelling features for marketers, improving their productivity –

  • Leverages your best practices through task list templates/. These templates let you rinse and repeat the most systematic processes and eliminates manual task times, making the team more effective and efficient.
  • It enables you to set a more extensive picture foal and use data from past projects to set more accurate and detailed timelines in order rot never miss a deadline and set significant milestones in your favor.
  • Automates the entire workflow and approvals through board view. All content production and design approvals are automated, enabling each member to collaborate with contextualization.

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Product Names

Teamwork lets you efficiently manage and execute product requirements from concepts to completion; enhancing the work of your product team/ product is the heart of any company, and ensuring that the product team works to their full potential is essential. Here is how Teamwork makes sure that the product team has everything in place from product launch to product sales –

  • Customize workflows through features like waterfall, agile, Kanban, and more processes. It tailors all the workflows to best suit your team and product, saving you time by automating all manual processes.
  • Enables you to easily manage team resources through instant visibility, prioritizing work, and assigning work to the most suitable team member.
  • Optimizes product team’s resources by planning sprint milestones, launch dates, and backlogs in the board view. This lets your team know what they need to work on. Furhter, it enables them to track their progress for better execution.
  • Teamwork also acts as the single source of truth for your team by giving them a 360-degree view of the broad picture. It collects and centralizes product feedback to help you spot trends. Then, it helps you make informed decisions and deliver a better product the next time that best suits your customers. 

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Support Teams

The helpdesk software also helps in freeing up your support team so that they can better focus on the customers. It manages customer queries by providing your support teams with the tools that they need to impress customers, having top-notch quality. This is how the productivity of support teams is enhanced –

  • Centralizes support by eliminating communication barriers and improves collaboration. It does so by managing entire customer interaction from one single place. 
  • Lowers response time by providing quality support through automating repetitive tasks.
  • Frees your team up by automating unnecessary things and letting you focus only on the customers, who are the most important for your core business.
  • Completely organizes your workspace transparently and assigns tickets to ensure customers get the support they need immediately.
  • Reduces ticket volumes for agents by giving your customers full-day access to the self-service support forum, letting them find answers to all the frequently asked questions, especially when the team is not on duty.

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Professional Services

Teamwork solves the problem of most professional services that a firm needs to function smoothly. Teamwork does this by maximizing team resources, getting more profound insights about the progress, and using time budgets on projects to run more profitably.

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Here is how Teamwork ensures that your project managements are always seamless and undisturbed –

  • Quick adoption into company culture and client personality.
  • Established best practices for project management.
  • Maximizes resources and automates workflows.
  • Manages the whole project life cycle from one platform.
  • Increases visibility per-project performance.
  • 10,000 foot few of every project.
  • Efficiently manages client and customer expectations by ticketing and robust customer support.

Teamwork portfolio

The One Stop Solution for Enterprise Projects

At last, we talk about the most important aspect covered by Teamwork.

Teamwork enhances enterprise project management by giving all the team mends the power to scale highly through improved performance with enterprise-level security, training, and constant support.

This is how it solves every single issue an organization can face during enterprise-level project management –

  • Customizes all the enterprise-level projects to give your team the maximum room for productivity.
  • Dedicates customer success manager who maps your business processes and helps you streamline workflows and meet organizational goals. Regular account reviews and robust support let you make the most out of the Teamwork tool.
  • Offers bespoke training and onboarding solutions with customized web-based training sessions by training key users, ensuring adoption and effective onboarding. They also help show how to implement project management best practices from the start to ensure that your ROI is maximized.
  • Gives you priority support in case of any issues through phone, live chat, and email support.
  • Seamlessly integrates the tool into your team’s workflows, promoting custom branding by customizing your site to match your brand. SSL encryption ensures high-level security of your website and domain.

Few other things that the Enterprise guide offers in the field of security and authentication are:

  • Single sign-on
  • Data encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Network access policy
  • Unlimited projects with a central workspace
  • No limit on the amount of added users
  • Uncountable project templates 

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Using Teamwork as your project management tool

Now that we exactly know what Teamwork does and how incredibly it does everything that is mentioned in this blog, it is time to understand how do we exactly use Teamwork as a project management tool. We will be discussing the three major features that are essential for Teamwork Project Management.

1. Using teamwork projects task list

Task lists on Teamwork is a simple set of tasks under one single list. Anyone can assign and reassign the task to anybody who has access to the tool. They can also flag them with necessary items like the due date, project status, and more.

Teamwork provides a seamless method to create tasks by providing the users with powerful templates. This enables you to create a custom template and quickly add it to a new project to define tasks.

It allows you to generate as many task lists as you want to, consisting of all necessary and vital tasks for each project. The list is activated at relevant stages of the entire workflow process.

  • Each task enables you to allocate an individual. You can also assign tasks to a role if you do not wish to assign them to individuals. 
  • A user can also assign timeframes in the templates for each and every project with the due date. This helps in having a defined timeline ready.
  • The teamwork projects tool skips weekends, enabling you to calculate the exact number of working days that will be needed to perform a task. This saves you from overestimation and underestimation of task completion.
  • It also lets you create repeat tasks and additional task lists before the concerned person receives feedback. Once you get the input, the project manager can activate the next set of functions immediately.

2. Using teamwork projects messaging for proven results

The messaging feature on Teamwork helps avoid lost emails and marks a transparent chain of communication with a contextual project history. The messaging system is efficient and has a message subject that can be edited and also allows you to add relevant files.

Following features, you must use:

  • The notifications feature allows the relevant people always to get notification messages. The following features enable a user to create a followers list of a particular message thread. Then, select the appropriate members to be notified, and Teamwork then takes all the notification responsibility in their hand whenever a new message is received. 
  • Keep messages as a history of project progression to back any critical decisions in the future.

3. The Teamwork Projects Notebook is a classic feature.

The notebook feature lets a user record all the critical project information in one place for all team members. It enables you to template the notebook however you wish to. Also allows you to fill all the information in as a standard practice for each project.

This is how you can use the notebook feature effectively:

  • Whenever you receive a new project, keep the notebook template to the desired project and fill it in.
  • Concisely keep all the essential information, so anybody relevant to the project is able to access it.
  • Ensure that your chosen template is user-friendly and straightforward without much detailing, as that can lead to difficulties with entering information.

Pricing & Plans  

Teamwork pricing and plans

We believe that from a price point perspective, Teamwork is not very expensive. It comes in four different packs that cater to different sets of organizations and people according got the business and company size. Hence, it is priced in a way that suits everybody, from individual buyers to multi-national corporations. 

The free forever pack, obviously, costs nothing. It is a basic project and task management tool that lets you set milestones and share messages.

The deliver pack allows you to manage multiple projects together with 20 project templates, time tracking and invoicing, agile view, integrated team chat, unlimited free client users, collaborative document editor, and more such features for $10 per user per month billed annually.

The grow pack, recommended by most, is ideal for big teams and companies since it consists of advanced features enabling efficient and organized functioning.

It costs $18 per person per month, billed annually, and includes features like 50 project templates, custom fields, project portfolio workflows, project time budget, utilization reports, HubSpot integration, resource scheduling, and a lot more.

The enterprise pack, their most elite one, is used by firms or a group of individuals looking for advanced security, extra speed, additional security, and priority support.

It includes all features mentioned above (and more) along with other features like SSO, onboarding training, extra branding control, enterprise-specific API, Enterprise dashboard panels, and a lot more. To know the quote for this price, you must contact their sales department.

Get Started with Teamwork


Project Management is absolutely essential for any organization. However, it is not easy to manage all projects manually, and that is when a powerful tool like Teamwork comes into the picture.

Its abundance of features and advanced mechanisms ensure that all project management happens smoothly with detailed information stored in the software.

You would also like to read about our picks for the best team management tools.

All in all, it is one of the best available features in the market that promote strong project management and team collaboration with unparalleled features. 

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