The Best Alternative For WangGuard With Scaled Protection

Quite a few months ago, we were actively using one of the best plugins to stop sploggers and fake/spam registrations in our blogs powered by WordPress.The plugin was WangGuard.

A few months ago WanGuard Closed their servers down and they were no longer protecting our WordPress Login Dashboard from sploggers.

In This Article, I will be telling you about WanGuard But most importantly, it’s the best alternative which is completely different from WanGuard and won’t shut down unexpectedly.

WangGuard was a free project by its developer Jose Conti. It actively protected fake registrations and sploggers from accessing the WordPress dashboard.

Sadly, WanGuard isn’t a free project now. Bloggers who earn more than $200/month will have to pay $1/month or else WanGuard will be shut down completely.

Recently, we launched our Helpdesk Forum, where we are answering all queries and we needed to make sure that our forum is completely protected from Spam.

That’s where we came up with CleanTalk Spam Protection. Basically, this is an all in one plugin which protects any forum or Blog from:-

  1. Spam Registration on WordPress
  2. Spam on the contact page
  3. Spam Registration on forums
  4. Spam Registration on comments from
  5. Spam Registration on Custom Contact Forms 
  6. Works with bookings, subscriptions and web forms Too

Antispam by CleanTalk is a complete solution for blocking and managing overall spam protection.
It works scroll the whole site with active bits protection and sploggers handling.

Bonus – With Antispam by CleanTalk, you Should install ithemes security or Sucuri security plugin for enhanced and powerful security against hackers as well as sploggers.

The biggest advantage of CleanTalk over WanGuard Is overall protection. While WanGuard only protects your wp-login or Dashboard login registrations, CleanTalk Works for complete spam protection.

To some extent, you won’t need Akismet too. Still, I prefer to use them both for a toughened spamming check.

WannGuard Plugin is managed by its CEO Jose Conti. He will surely manage to make WangGuard compatible with upcoming WordPress versions.

To inform you all, No, WangGuard isn’t going to be developed anymore. Jose Conti has clarified that this shutdown was necessary because he couldn’t afford the mental and not physical stress and exhaustion that involved in the further development of WangGuard.

Clean talk is owned by Skilled people who are always working to make it better. you can contact their support team 24×7 in any case of urgent queries or assistance.

WangGuard hasn’t been updated since 11 months. It is better to go with CleanTalk which is regularly updated with new firewall rules and robot IP addresses. You can check the IPs Down on their homepage.

(Discover More About CleanTalk)

I hope CleanTalk is doing good for you. Share your experience in the comments section below. 

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  1. Thanks Aayush, I was looking for Wangguard’s replacement for long time now. This seems to be best fit for that.

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