The Best & Cheapest Alternatives To WPEngine Hosting

WPEngine is a managed hosting company specifically designed for WordPress users.

By every means, WPEngine was quite dominant when it came to impressing users with its custom dashboard, easy management, high-speed servers and more.

That was the past.

Ever since their company started to grow, their services started to deteriorate for their beginner user base.

There are many more reasons than their high industry level pricing for you not to choose WPEngine as your new or next host and we will be discussing them in this post as well.

Keep them for your business uses as they are more powerful when it comes to industry level hosting solutions for WordPress users.

So, In this post, I will be discussing 2 web hosting companies who are absolutely perfect to be called a WPEngine alternative. Keep in mind that I have been with both of them, so there is no chance of any biased opinion.

Below listed are 2 best and cheapest WPEngine alternatives.

WPX Hosting

WPX is where I host BforBloggers.

WPX is a premium managed hosting company I found when I was looking for a managed to host with quick support.

WPX can be a very cheap and effective alternative to WPEngine due to its price being less than $20.99 a month.

Other than its managed shared servers, WPX also offers VPS and recently they have also included cloud hosting plans on the pay as you go payment basis.

Just like WPEngine, WPX too has a custom cache solution that ensures your site is blazing fast. Daily off-site backups, CDN, and protection services are given for free as well. Unlike WPEngine, WPX doesn’t include any overage charges if you cross your traffic limits.

When compared to WPEngine’s plugin policy, WPX has no restrictions on what plugin you can use on your WordPress site. Moreover, they offer free migrations, 24×7 support, and plugin troubleshoot as well. I’m very satisfied with their services so overall, I highly recommend WPX over WPEngine.

Host On WPX Hosting



Flywheel hosting is another amazing hosting company, not so cheap but high on performance.

If you’ll look on to my Flywheel hosting review, You will see that when I compared it to others I pointed Flywheel to be on the expensive side.

When you compare the plans of WPEngine with Flywheel, you will see the price at Flywheel starts at $14/month.

Flywheel is not a cheap alternative to WPEngine, Instead, it is a powerful option to choose from if you are unhappy with WPengine and its services.

Flywheel support team is highly skilled, friendly and prompt. With more power over your servers and best in the class features, I recommend flywheel for anyone who’s looking for a powerful host other than WPEngine.

Host on Flywheel

That’s it.

For a rather cheap and shared hosting solution, Siteground managed WordPress hosting might be the best for you. Apart from that, you may also want to use Dreampress if you prefer paying monthly.

If you want the same power as WPEngine, you may want to use WPX hosting. You can read WPX hosting’s review here.

Share your favourite WordPress host in the comments section below.

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