The Best Free Competitor Analysis SEO Tool

Here’s the deal:

You want an SEO tool so that you can:

  1. Analyze what keywords they are ranking for
  2. What pages drive the most traffic to them
  3. How many keywords they rank for
  4. How they use PPC
  5. How Many DoFollow Backlinks they have (and from where are they getting it)
  6. What error they have that you can utilize to outrank them

But the fact is, you are too beginner to invest in a proper premium SEO tool. That’s all right because you don’t really have to.

There is a free SEO tool, actually, a complete SEO tool with premium features you can use for free to keep an eye on your competitor(s) and hopefully outrank them.

The tool I’m talking about is SERPstat & Spyfu.

Both Spyfu and SERPstat is a complete suite of SEO tools you can use to outrank your competition in the pure game of SEO.

Actually, it’s much similar to SEMrush’s frontend. It’s quite great to have such a powerful SEO tool that too for free.

SERPstat can be used for free for up to 30 queries in a day. It’s more than enough when you are just starting out. Let’s see how competition analysis is done in SERPstat.

Step 1 Go To The SERPstat Homepage Page

Go to the SERPstat SEO tool home page and in the first section, you’ll see a domain, keyword and URL analysis tool. In the blank filed of the tool enter the domain name of your competitor and click on the search button.

Step 2 Go Through The Free Report 

After a few seconds you click on the search button you will be shown a report like this:

You can see how comprehensive this report is. Similarly, you can use SERPstat to do a competition analysis of 30 domains in a day after signing up for a free account.

With SERPstat along with competitor analysis tool you also get:

So, SERPstat can be the best free alternative to premium competition analysis tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

Go To SERPstat >>

Start with the free version of SERPstat and when you have grown enough, consider getting the premium version as it is a very powerful SEO toolkit that will help you with all your SEO needs.

Check out our detailed guide and tutorial on Spyfu.

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Let me know how you used this tool to analyze your online competitors.

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  1. True, SERPstat is the best free tool for SEO analysis among Ahref and SEMrush and so on are paid to use. It is accurate and gives as much info as paid tools. Oh, ad SEMRush too has a free account which you can simply use by signing up.

  2. Listing-out these necessary points in selecting SEO tool is commendable .

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