Thruuu: Free SEO Tool for SERP Analysis

Before I tell you what the Thruuu tool does, you should know what SERP analysis is.

SERP analysis is the process of evaluating if a keyword is easy to rank for. It also allows you to understand how Google ranks the top 10 websites for a particular query. Using the data you can find a proven pattern to outrank your competitors.

Usually, SERP analyzers are part of premium SEO tools. Such as SEMRush and SERPstat.

This is why many beginners don’t get to use such a useful SEO tactic.

I came across the Thruuu a while ago.

If you’re just starting out or you’re on a budget and wish to grow your organic traffic, this tool is for you.

About Thruuu

Thruuu has been developed by Samuel Schmitt.

Thruuu is a completely free tool to “scrape” the search engine result pages (SERPs). A tool that helps you to scan the SERPs to check what kind of websites and blog posts rank for a particular keyword.

It’s simple and free.

It gives you access to user data such as average word count and images used by the top results. A much-needed data to help you prepare your content in a competitive niche.

Thruuu also breaks down the structure of the articles. This should help you understand how Google interprets this article to rank higher.

How To Use Thruuu SERP Analyzer

It is pretty simple too. You don’t have to register or create an account to use it.

To begin a SERP analysis, go to

Here you’ll find the Thruuu SERP analyzer tool.

Enter a keyword to begin the SERP analysis. You can refer to our guide on keyword research if you don’t know what keyword you should be targeting.

You can select a country and if you want to target a specific location, a region, you can do that as well.

Below the search bar, you can also see an option to select a search engine. You can choose between country-specific Google search results.

And then there is an option to select the”number of pages to scrape.” You can choose between 10 to 100. There’s an option to select a query language as well.

It takes about 10 to 20 seconds for Thruuu to analyze the SERPs and give you the results.

Once the process is complete, here’s how the report is going to look:

That’s not it. Thruuu also allows you to break down the elements of each link.

Click on any of the links in the results. You’ll be presented with insights such as:

  1. Page type
  2. Word count
  3. Number of images on the page
  4. Number of links (both internal and external)
  5. Meta description and title tags
  6. Published & last updated dates

The data is basic but helpful in creating the initial mind map of your content.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see SERP stats. This section shows four statistics:

  1. The oldest article – the average age of the top-ranking pages
  2. Average  word count – longest and shortest article length
  3. Number of average images
  4. Position zero type – feature snippet, video carousel, etc.


Then comes a little exciting part – keyword frequency. Scroll down the SERP stats report and you’ll see an “Understand why these pages are on Google first page” section.

This section shows you 2 important things:

  1. Keyword frequency and title tags
  2. Related searches

Keyword frequency data will help you when you’re writing a blog post on a competitive topic. Knowing what keyword you MUST include is huge and quite essential.

To make your content semantic, you should use related searches data. Adding suggested keywords to your content can make your content more relevant. But only if it fits naturally.

Thruuu shows you the similar searches Google users did, which means these searches are relevant.

It shows you related questions and other content, such as videos, if they are searched right after your initial keyword. Much like AnswerThePublic tool.

There’s also an option to download the data. So, you can export reports and prepare an aggregate datasheet as well.

Overall, Thruuu is an excellent SERP analyzer for free. It’s basic and gives enough information on what to include in your blog posts to improve rankings. Your goal is to create better content than your completion and this tool will help you create a benchmark to cross.

Try using Thruuu for your old blog posts and check if you can get more traffic and better rankings. You can use Accuranker to track the keyword’s position.

Do give Thruuu a try and let me know about your experience in the comments. Share the post on Twitter and let your friends know about it too.

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