Top 10 Evergreen Affiliate Programs to Join this Month

Affiliate marketing is a simple monetization strategy. Join an affiliate program relevant to your niche, pick a product and promote it. Every time a purchase is made, you get paid!.

However, You can’t pick any product and promote it to earn high commissions. It has to be the right combination of:

  1. A popular and well-performing product/service
  2. High commission payout
  3. High conversion rate

Combine all three properties, and you have a product that people love, pays you high commissions, and is easy to sell.

Due to these products already being popular, it makes them no-so-hard to sell. Because people are already aware of the brand name, they just need to hear the right sales pitch to buy.

And if you can be the guy with the right sales pitch, these affiliate programs can help you make substantial money.

But finding the right affiliate program is complicated. Or rather, it was because until now, you didn’t have a list like this where you could find fresh new products and brands to become an affiliate partner.

To make your life easier, I’ve compiled a list of affiliate programs just like that. This list contains the most popular products of this month that have high-paying affiliate programs.

This list is updated monthly—last updated for October 2021.

Each month new affiliate programs are going to be added. You might want to bookmark this article.

Wise Affiliates

wise affiliate

TransferWise, now known as Wise is another great affiliate program.

Wise is a payment processing and international remittance service. It allows users to transfer money at cheaper rates than banks.

It’s also immensely popular which means you will have a brand value advantage whole promoting Wise.

The best for me is Wise doesn’t have a tracking cookie limit. Meaning, once someone clicks on your affiliate links, it doesn’t matter how long it takes them to become a user. You’ll still get the commissions. Of course, your link should be the last Wise affiliate link they’ve clicked to get this right.

Wise affiliates also get local content in 10 different languages and other conversion-optimized resources such as dynamic ad widgets.

The commission structure with Wise is different. You’ll be paid depending on the type of users you’re bringing in. How they transact, how frequent, and their overall lifetime value as a Wise customer will determine how much you get paid.

Overall, Wise is a great affiliate program, especially for those with e-commerce, finance, and business niche blogs.

Join Wise Affiliate Program

Cloudways Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, everyone with an online business must choose the best option depending upon their requirements.

That’s one of many reasons why web hosting is an evergreen affiliate product that I highly recommend you to promote.

Out of hundreds of options, Cloudways seems to be a perfect option for this month. And in this current situation.

Cloudways is a cloud hosting platform that helps bloggers, business owners, and developers use the same benefit of managed WordPress hosting and the server infrastructure of your choice.

Cloudways gives you the flexibility to choose the server infrastructure provider. You can choose from:

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Servers
  • Vultr
  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode

By shifting the infrastructure load to third-party companies, Cloudways gives you fully managed server support.

This also enables them to charge a much lesser and on-the-go system of payments.

Due to Cloudways’ services’ diversity, you’ll have multiple opportunities to sell it to a vast audience.

Your commission will depend on two options:

  1. Hybrid – $30 per sale + 7% every month
  2. Slab – $50-125 per sale (More sales will unlock greater bonus)

You have to decide which option suits you the best.

My recommendation – choose the Hybrid option. The recurring commission will keep adding on, and you’ll have a stream of income that you know will be coming every month.

Join Cloudways Affiliate


Mouseflow is one of the best heatmap tools.

What is a heatmap?

A heat map lets you record and collects your website visitors’ behavioral data. This data includes how they move throughout your webpages, where they click, which part they spend most of their time on your website, and more. You are essentially able to watch how a visitor interacts with your website over his/her shoulder.

And Mouseflow is a popular choice among businesses when it comes to heatmaps.

Mouseflow has an attractive affiliate program, where you can earn 10% commission per month for a lifetime. They host their affiliate program on ShareASale. This means you will get paid every 20th of the month.

Being a fairly affordable and popular heat map tool, if you have content around digital marketing, CRO, and other related topics that concern webmasters, Mouseflow has a lot of features to point out to generate sales.

Join Mouseflow Affiliate Program

Spyfu Affiliate Program

Spyfu is a keyword research tool, a must-have for SEOs.

It is an affordable alternative to SEO tool giants such as SEMrush and Ahrefs. At a much lower price per month, you get:

  • Keyword analytics by domain name – enter a domain name, and you get all the keywords a website is raking for
  • Organic performance research – to check how’s the website performing, including referral traffic, keyword rankings, backlinks, top pages, and more
  • Ad analytics – what keywords’ your competitors are targeting
  • Competitor research – to analyze how a competitor’s website performs compared to yours and the keywords they share with your website.

If you have a blog about PPC, SEM, Marketing, or SEO, you can earn decent recurring commissions with this affiliate program.

The Spyfu affiliate program offers up to a 40% recurring commission.

Since Spyfu is cheaper than most SEO tools, you can sell it to a broad audience. From beginners to pro, anyone with a website would want to have it.

Join Spyfu Affiliate

FreshWorks Affiliate Program

freshworks affiliate

FreshWorks is another great affiliate platform if you are in a niche close to online business and marketing.

Freshworks is a suite of SaaS tools built for small businesses.

Its suite of tools consists of:

  • CRM
  • Live chat and support software
  • Team management and HR software
  • IT services
  • And more

Promoting Freshworks is rather easy compared to other products in this list since it has so many offerings and multiple ways one can use it.

They offer a recurring commission on each sale for one year of the life of the customer referred. You earn $5 for every lead and a 15% commission for paying customers.

Freshworks also uses Parterstack as their affiliate software. And they have a great affiliate team,.

Join Freshworks affiliate program

BuzzSprout Affiliate

Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers.

Freelancers list their talents as gigs on Fiverr, where anyone can hire them for their services.

It’s highly popular among people seeking affordable freelancers. You can find people willing to do your job, starting at $5.

Note that Fiverr is the only freelance platform that offers an affiliate program as of now. Not only that, but it also offers recurring commissions.

Unlike other job marketplaces like Upwork or, Fiverr pays you to refer new customers.

You can choose between two modes of earning commissions:

  1. CPA – Cost Per Action means each gig sale will earn you a fixed amount based on the current commission plan.
  2. Hybrid – $10 per sale plus 10% of the rev share for 12 months

I would highly recommend choosing the Hybrid payment option when you sign up for Fiverr affiliate.

Whatever purchases your referred user makes in these 12 months will keep adding money to your account.

Join Fiverr Affiliate Program


Grammarly is one tool anyone can sell, and anyone will buy.

It is a chrome extension, web editor, and multi-device application that fixes grammar and spelling and punctuation errors. It also works as a thesaurus, sentence ameliorator, and plagiarism checker.

Grammarly is one product that doesn’t require a cold sales pitch. Everyone writes on a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet. Grammarly has an app for every device, and the best part, it’s free to use.

But if it’s free, how are you going to make money?

There are two plans to use Grammarly.

  1. Free option – a chrome extension that checks basic grammar and spelling errors
  2. Pro option – a highly intelligent A.I. that scans the entire text and fixes punctuations, sophisticated grammar mistakes, quick access to a thesaurus, and checks for plagiarism.

The Grammarly Pro plan is an easy sell. Anyone who has a writing job that demands professionalism is going to love it.

And they won’t hesitate to purchase the premium Grammarly over the free one because there isn’t any other option. No other tool offers the same or near close level of intensive checks and fixations Grammarly has.

Grammarly has an affiliate program where you earn $0.20 per sale for the free plan. That means for every free registration, even if the under isn’t adding the payment info, you’ll still earn $0.20.

For Pro plan sales, you’ll make a straight $20 per sale.

There’s also a 90-day cookie, so any sales after clicking your link will earn you an affiliate commission under that period.

Join Grammarly Affiliate Program


Unbounce is a landing page builder and a conversion optimization tool.

It is one of the biggest and most popular names in the conversion rate optimization and marketing industry. Because Unbounce is arguably the best page builder in the market right now.

The recent level of updates has made Unbounce a must-have tool for marketers. Whether you need to increase lead conversion, get more people to click, or convert visitors into customers, Unbounce has a tool for you.

New tools such as Smart Traffic and Conversion intelligence are futuristic. Using an A.I. algorithm, Unbounce customizes the page elements. It also redirects the user to the best landing page based on the per-visitor-specific interest.

If your audience consists of online business owners, bloggers, and CRO marketers, Unbounce is a tool you should be promoting.

Unbounce affiliate program pays a 20% recurring commission on every sale.

You can withdraw your commission using Stripe or PayPal.

Unbounce is easy to sell the tool. Anyone who needs a tool to get more sales or leads will love Unbounce.

Then there is Unbounce’s support to ensure you keep getting paid every month.

Join the Unbounce affiliate program


ShareASale is a massive affiliate marketplace. It is a highly popular and one of the oldest affiliate marketing platform.

Countless multinational brands, small businesses, SaaS, and individual affiliate programs are managed by ShareASale.

It doesn’t matter if your niche is marketing, music, food, travel, tech, self-improvement – anything. You WILL find an affiliate product or a service perfect for your audience on ShareASale.

The dashboard is pretty simple. Easy to use even or a beginner, so there is no learning curve. You can join and immediately start joining merchants.

You can track your daily sales in real-time as well as create Deeplinks. Deeplinks are URLs that redirect a particular page of a website and not the homepage.

This affiliate program is unlike others on the list. ShareASale gives you two options to make money:

  1. Join different merchants and promote their products to earn affiliate commissions.
  2. Promote ShareASale itself and earn a fixed commission on every sale of merchant accounts or on sub-affiliate sales.

The best part about ShareASale is its payout threshold and options. There are more than five ways to withdraw your commission once you’ve made at least $50.

This will be quite easy considering you’ll find a top-performing product quickly. Check out this guide to learn how to find the RIGHT affiliate products.

Join ShareASale


WebinarJam is one of the most popular webinar platforms. 

Webinars are a quite popular marketing strategy used primarily by online course instructors.

It’s one of the best ways to get people hyped for that next project/product launch, signup for a membership plan or, like I said, sell courses.

What basically happens is you either record or host a live video session with a virtual audience. People can chat with each other, ask questions and get engaged with you in the process.

But why markets prefer webinars or Youtube or Facebook live? It’s because it’s much more private, customizable and you own everything.

WebinarJam has an amazing affiliate program.

You get a 40% commission every month for every sale you refer. On top of that, top affiliates get bonus rewards too!.

Payments options include PayPal and ACH transfer. You get access to banners, custom text links, and two-tier affiliate links as well.

Join Webinar Affiliate Program


Every affiliate program on this list offers interactive banners and multiple campaign links.

Try using the Advanced Ads WordPress plugin to display affiliate banners on your website. It surely will increase clicks and overall sales.

Here is a list of affiliate marketing tools I’d recommend using if you want to scale your revenue further:

  • SEMrush – from keyword research tool on-page SEO assistance, SEMrush is an SEO tool you should definitely use to get more search traffic.
  • Canva – Graphic design tool that makes it super easy and affordable to create custom graphics for affiliate ads, blog posts, and social media posts.
  • AnswerThePublic – A ninja tool to find topics people are talking about. Use it to find questions people are asking about a tool and create content around to boost sales.
  • WebinarJam – While you promote WebinarJam, use it for your online business as well. We have used webinars to boost sales anywhere from 40% – 67.05%!.
  • ConvertKit – Probably the best email marketing software for affiliate marketers and bloggers. No restrictions on affiliate links and a record-high-deliverability rate in my tests.

I’ll keep this page updated every month. So you can find the best affiliate products every month, and new opportunities to make money online.

Over to you – let me know if there’s any new product or service with an affiliate program that deserves a spot in this list for the next month.

Make sure to leave a comment below.

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