Unbounce Smart Page Builder Review (W/ Pros and Cons)

Landing pages are one of the essential elements for your website. However, as vital as they are, they are tricky to perfect. Landing pages are the core of a marketing team to build, grow, market, and effectively function a business with an online presence.

A landing page offers a business resource to your web visitors in exchange for their information. The information collected helps your business devise a potential customer list that is used for mass communication like promotion emails, follow-ups, marketing gigs, and more. 

Creating the perfect landing page is not an easy task, especially when done manually. However, the growing technology has made building landing pages efficient and accessible through automatic page builders—one such builder in Unbounce, quite a familiar and famous name in the market. 

It is considered one of the best all-around landing page builders by multiple clients in the industry and helps businesses grow at a speed you would not imagine. Hence, it brings us to the point where we thoroughly review the platform for you and let you know if it is even worth the hype or not.

Our Unbounce review 2021 will talk about all the features it has, the pros, the cons, and its unique selling propositions if any. 

Unbounce | Key Features

  1. Automated builder: Unbounce creates pages for you within a few minutes. You do not have to be a coder in order to curate the perfect landing page, and you can easily do so with its hassle-free drag and drop builder
  2. On-board design creation: It also lets you keep the landing page close to your business’s brand name, image, and division. The look and feel are such that it truly resonates with your company by making the page building process simpler with your favorite fonts, images, and colors. You can publish the page within minutes, directly through your website. 
  3. Continuous ROI growth: Test how effective your messaging is and automatically match any visitors that best-fit your landing page. It offers AI-pored tools like SmartTraffic that helps in optimizing pages and get you higher sales, sign-ups, and leads altogether. 
  4. Online campaigns: The platform also lets you create online campaigns that are traditional in nature. You can run them through A/B testing, popups, have AMP pages, and more. Everything is available to you through one platform and magically gets together to create the best building experience for you.

unbounce 1

Unbounce | Integrations 

Unbounce has over 60 apps that are instantly integrated with your system as you join the platform. Zapier powers the integrations, hence prove to be one of the best and seamless integrations in the market.

If you are an average marketer or have ever been one, we are sure you know what it is like working with 20-30 tools together to create that one perfect element for your business. However, getting these tools from different places and using them differently at different times can be daunting. This is why Unbounce makes sure that you get all the tools necessary for your marketing procedure at one single platform, and you use it subsequently. 

This helps you eliminate all the excess work and lets you get back to the actual work as soon as possible that helps in driving your business to real places. 

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Unbounce | Products 

Smart Traffic 

The first product Unbounce has to offer is the Smart Traffic conversion builder. It boosts your conversion rates through its AI-powered optimization. Unbounce delivers the best landing pages to each and every user and automatically looks into their attributes that are relevant. It then sends them the landing page variant that suits them the best. You can start optimizing your page with as low as 50 visits to your website. It also comes with a free 14-day trial! 

Here is why you should try their Smart Traffic builder –

  1. It increases your average conversion by 30% 
  2. It works for every business size
  3. Unbounce helps you create outstanding campaigns, innovative content, and compelling user experiences
  4. It increases tour time to results as it starts the optimization pretty quick, even when you add a newer variant or start changing traffic sources
  5. It gives you the best possible conversion rate
  6. Grows our campaigns with its AI-powered technology
  7. Unbounce tests, optimizes, and predicts all your campaigns with more accurate decisions

unbounce 3

Smart Builder

The second product Unbounce has to offer is the Smart Builder. This is the product that we will be focusing more on and will discuss in detail. Its Smart Builder helps you build less and convert more. It does so by pairing the marketing know-how techniques with the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence that quickly creates, optimizes, and lets you learn from the AI-powered landing pages. It also provides you with the insights that launch higher-converting landing pages without the need for coding.

Since it comes with a free 14-day trial, it lets you go through all the features on the platform at no cost. 

The Smart Builder has another smart thing that makes it a “Smart Builder.” It pulls out more than 1.5 billion conversions and enables you to predict layouts and headlines that are best to catch your audience’s attention.

unbounce 6

Here is all that Smart Builder allows you to do –

Optimizes all pages from scratch

Smart Builder’s design system curates the right page sections and components that reflect well with your industry, audience, and company’s campaigns goals. It uses varied layouts in order to convert visitors and also creates newer variants in no time.


It guides you through the design function with its style guide, which has approved colors, typography, imagery, and more saved across pages. You can easily resonate with your brand through a variety of design options with Smart Builder’s style guide.

Copies insights

It gives you recommendations and inspiration on the high converting pages and copies which are based on your audience tone and messages by only going through the initial bit of your imagery and content. 

Designs to convert 

Smart Builder has very responsive and intelligent templates with a grid system that is to help you with automation. It previews and creates landing pages that look great to the users on whatever device it is operated from – mobile, desktop, or laptop. It also double-checks all designs for you to ensure they are nothing but perfect.

Business growth 

With Smart Builder, you create eye-catching and high converting landing pages that come live in minutes. It does not need custom coding and acts like a certified marketing expert, developer, and designer for you, all in one. So, you do not have to grow your team to grow your business, just your vision. 

Here are a few other things that are unique about Smart Builder:

  • It is a mobile responsive design
  • It has builder grids acting as guides to help you snap sections for flawless designs
  • Conversion goals are easily tracked and optimized for better results
  • It also has a multi-device page pageview that lets you catch glimpses of how your page looks to your visitors and make improvements, if any
  • It lets you publish landing pages to any custom domain directly
  • Has built-in google fonts for better presentation
  • Lets you add high-quality SVG images for serene graphics
  • Runs A/B testing to see how landing pages resonate with your users
  • Regular updates and features growth 

unbounce 9

Unbounce | Smart Builder | What’s new?

Well, Unbounce’s Smart Builder is on the run to create more exciting things for you. Yes, it keeps getting better, Not just the regular feature updates and platform upgradation. It is coming with brand new features that are going to make your landing page curation all the more fun. Here are the 3 main things the new Smart Builder focuses on –

Smart traffic insights 

The Smart Builder platform comes with new insights where all your page variants perform the best, how different audiences respond, and which traffic sources deliver the highest quality clicks. 

New apps

It brings you newer apps to let you imagine how to convert more customers. It also drops in the add ons for all your most favorite tools in only a few seconds. 

More copy insights

Unbounce has started to think beyond headlines. Yes, they now also focus on generating high converting recommendations for more copy on the landing page beyond headlines and taglines. Things are about to get better, for real!

Unbounce | What makes Smart Builder better than the rest?


The Smart Builder is completely AI-powered and designed to build conversions as much as possible. It uses over ten years of data with over 1.5 billion conversions to build your landing page, something that no other landing page builder has been able to do as of now. It drastically speeds your curation to publishing speed of the high converting content with fewer iterations altogether.

Adopts conversion intelligence 

Conversion intelligence is a new marketing approach that combines your know-how of the industry and activity with AI for better and faster results. It allows you to see the input and output clearly and involves you in the middle process as well. Creativity and expertise merged together to give you an experience that no other platform provides, that of personalization and customization according to your business needs. 

Works as an in-house copywriter

When you join Unbounce’s Smart Builder, you get a full-fledged team of your own, all in on with the platform itself. It also works as your in-house copywriter, and it follows the 15-seconds to grab user attention rule. It creates eye-catching and retention-worthy headlines that captivate your audience right away, keeping the right keywords in mind. It also gives you copy recommendations to get the best headlines ever in a few seconds. 

unbounce 5

Unbounce | Up your marketing game with Unbounce’s Smart Builder

Unbounce’s Smart Builder does not only create stunning landing pages for you but also takes your marketing game a notch higher. Here is how –

  • Sends traffic to promotion-specific landing pages and increases conversions. It also collects more leads and revenue through the web pages by sending targeted and customized sticky bars and popups.
  • Complements other tools that you use by sending leads to any other software your marketing team uses and follows seamless integrations. 
  • It helps you change anything with one click with its drag and drop builder.
  • It reduces marketing time by creating, editing, and publishing everything in less than one hour.
  • Do you have no HTML knowledge but still want to lead the marketing game? Well, worry no more! You can edit all pages easily without knowing HTML. 
  • It improves every conversion by optimizing your landing pages and brings down your customer acquisition costs.
  • Since it is a hosted service, you do not have to install it on your device, ever.
  • It helps you measure all campaigns’ success through its tracker, analytics device, and robust reporting. 

unbounce 7Unbounce | Pros

  • Absolutely quick to create, edit and publish landing pages
  • Intelligent drag and drop builder making your work way easier 
  • Create different variations in no time for testing
  • Various stunning templates 
  • Very highly customizable
  • Its smart builder is one of the strongest builders to exist in the market
  • Guaranteed increase in conversion rates
  • Excellent split testing functionality
  • Easy to build
  • Proactive support system
  • Secure and reliable

unbounce 4

Unbounce | Cons

  • Split testing does not include exiting landing pages that you created outside of Unbounce
  • HTML custom classes to buttons are not added, so you have to always rebuild them in HTML. This prevents you from tracking goals in the platform itself
  • The plenty of options available for each and everything can be a little overwhelming for beginners
  • Not very cost-effective for small business owners since plans start at $1000 per year


unbounce new pricing 2021Unbounce offers a free trial for 14-days where you can explore all the features that they have to offer.

If you like their service, you can opt for their paid plans which come in four categories –


The Launch plan is best suited for small businesses as it gives you all that you need for a smart landing page to be built without a developer. It costs $90 per month, billed manually, and includes the following items –

  • Up to 500 conversions
  • Up to 20,000 visitors
  • 1 connected domain


The Optimize plan is best suited if you wish to up your marketing game. It optimizes with conversion intelligence and costs $135 per month. It includes –

  • Everything in the launch plan
  • Conversion intelligence tools like Smart Traffic increasing conversions by 30% or more
  • Up to 1,000 conversions
  • Up to 30,000 visitors
  • 3 connected domains


This plan costs $225 per month, billed monthly, and is best for companies and agencies that are growing with high speed. It includes –

  • Everything in the optimized plan
  • Quick loading AMP pages
  • Increased limits fueling growth
  • Up to 2,000 conversions
  • Up to 40,000 visitors
  • 7 connected domains
  • 30%+ higher traffic 

Final verdict

As per our review for the platform, Unbounce, we have high hopes for the software because it promises not just higher lead generation and conversion but also to completely transform the look and feel of your website to suit your business.

With features like the Smart Builder, you can rest assured that your online business identity is in the right hands because the platform does its best to bring you more traffic and market your business to the right audience.

Comparing the pros and cons, the pros are definitely weighing more than the cons. Hence, we completely recommended Unbounce as your next landing page builder – and especially vouch for its Smart Builder as a life savior tool!

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