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The era of artificial intelligence is here, folks. And you know what they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Unbounce knows this too well and that’s why they have a new AI tool, Smart Copy, that uses the power of AI to help you move past the blank page syndrome.

What is Smart Copy, who is it for, which are its features, how to use it, and more in this post!

Unbounce And Artificial Intelligence

Unbounce Conversion Intelligence

Earlier this year, after seeing the suffering of SMBs due to the pandemic, Unbounce decided it was time to pioneer a new way to do marketing called “conversion intelligence”. According to Unbounce, conversion intelligence is pairing your marketing expertise with the power of AI to achieve what any marketer wants: more conversions.

I know, it can sound scary.

But for Unbounce, landing pages aren’t enough anymore. Businesses need conversion intelligence in their digital marketing strategies to keep a competitive advantage. That’s why now Unbounce offers a whole set of AI tools:

  • Smart Builder (Beta): An AI-powered landing page builder that predicts which layouts and headlines will work best for your target audience. If you want to read more about Smart Builder, check out this review.
  • Smart Traffic: create a few landing pages and this self-driving optimization tool will automatically send your visitors to the landing page variant most likely to convert them. For more information, head to this article.
  • Smart Copy: A new AI copywriting solution Unbounce acquired from Chris Frantz after seeing its great potential.

Today we’ll focus on Smart Copy.

Unbounce Smart Copy

Unbounce Smart Copy

Initially called Snazzy AI, when this recent tool was acquired by Unbounce it changed its name to Smart Copy. However, that doesn’t mean you need to be an Unbounce client to get access to this tool: you can still get Smart Copy as a standalone product.

Unbounce says Smart Copy is like Canva, but for writing content. I couldn’t put it better. I wonder if Smart Copy came up with that…

So say goodbye to the days of writer’s block: Smart Copy will help you write a wide range of copy, from landing pages to Google ads. That’s right, the tool has loads of templates (more than 45!) from Google Ads Generator to Facebook Primary Text Creator. It even gives you ideas for TitkTok videos! So whether you’re a copywriter, a TikToker, or a podcaster, this tool will save your life countless times.

How? Among its many features, Smart Copy remixes your content, generating something completely new that matches exactly what you want to say. This feature is great for repurposing content. It also writes your next sentence or paragraph when you’re feeling stuck. And the AI text generator will always match your brand’s style and tone. Just create a profile with the basic information about your business and let Smart Copy do the work.

How it is different from other AI writing partners

In a previous article, we talked about ShortlyAI, a similar AI writing tool owned by Conversion.ai. However, unlike Shortly, Smart Copy by Unbounce, like the name indicates, it’s focused exclusively on copywriting. No creative stories, no articles, just the text that targets your audience, and it’s meant to convert them.

Besides focusing on the copy, Smart Copy is also different from Shortly in that it supports other languages apart from English: currently, you can choose to write in Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, and French! This means now you can speak to more potential customers!


  • Clean UI. The interface is very minimal and simple to use. The white and grey colors of the dashboard help you focus and feel calm while you work. I would say, though, that the font colors can be a bit too light which makes it difficult to read.
  • Profiles. Here is where you tell the AI about your product or service and your target audience. Smart Copy uses this information to generate content that matches your brand’s style and voice. In the paid plan, you can have as many profiles as you want. For free, you’ll only have one profile.
  • Templates. Smart Copy has loads of templates of all sorts: thank you notes, funny 404 pages, email subject lines, viral growth ideas, and more! It also recommends what templates to use according to your business profile.
  • Writer. The Writer feature is currently in beta and it’s a long-form writing canvas with no character limits. I’ll say this is closer to what Shortly offers. You can try it for free for 14 days.
  • Refine. Fine-tune your copy generator. Choose the content length (short, medium, or long) and the tone (neutral, friendly, confident, urgent, analytical, or optimistic). You’ll need to pay to unlock this feature.
  • Chrome Extension (Beta). Highlight copy anywhere and the Smart Copy Extension will jump in and help you with your copy.
  • Smart Copy Operator. Its support team has a usual reply time of under 4 hours. However, I sent them a message and they took a couple more hours to reply.


Unbounce doesn’t complicate things, so it gives you two pricing options:

  • If you don’t need to write a lot, go with the Starter plan, with is COMPLETELY free. No credit card required, nothing. You have 5 credits daily.
  • If you want unlimited access to copy creation, unlimited profiles, and access to Writer, choose the Growth plan. It costs $49 per month or $25 per month if paid annually.

How to use Smart Copy?

1. Sign up. In this very first step, Smart Copy will ask you the name of your company.

Sign up to Smart Copy

2. After that, you’ll need to train the AI. Provide a company description, and information about your brand keywords and audience, so Smart Copy knows how to write for you.

Let's train Smart Copy

3. Time to start writing! With the Starter plan, you have 10 bonus credits to start and try all the features you want. After that, the credits refill each day and you get 5 per day.
Welcome to Smart Copy

You can try some of its features. I did. First, I tried the Article Headlines generator, one of its latest features. Once you click on the template, you’ll see the prompt where you can change details about your profile, select other languages, and fine-tune your copy generation if you have the paid plan.

Smart Copy profile

4. See the results. The Article Headline generator gave me 10 headline ideas. It all seem excellent until I realized one of the headlines was “The Complete Guide to Creating a Blog in 2019”, yes, 2019. Smart Copy lives in a world without a pandemic, the lucky guy. But I guess this is a minor mistake that will be fixed in the near future.

Smart Copy headline ideas 2

Then I couldn’t resist it and I tried the funny 404-page copy and I really liked it. Take a look, I’m sure you can use some of this for your own website:

Smart Copy 404 funny

I also took a look at the text generated in Spanish expecting to find bad translations but it was surprisingly good. Congratulations, Unbounce.

5. You can save the copy the AI-generated -you’ll find it later in the “Saved Content” section- and provide positive or negative feedback so Smart Copy keeps on growing. You can also share the copy if you want to. Send it via email, share it on Twitter or Facebook, or copy and paste the link. The person that receives it will see something like this:

Smart Copy shared

Click here to go to the page and check it out yourself.

6. Now that you have an account and are familiarized with Smart Copy, you can download its Chrome extension to take your AI friend anywhere you need it. Just go to this page and add it to Chrome.

At first, I thought it didn’t work on Google Docs but you just have to give it some time, make sure you’re logged in, and see if it’s enabled. You can remix your copy, expand it, and generate the next sentence. Look, you can even use Smart Copy on Gmail:

Smart Copy plugin

And those are just some of the many things you can do with Unbounce Smart Copy.


The future of marketing is automated software and artificial intelligence. We’re witnessing a moment where more and more software is open-source and free to the public, helping small businesses stay competitive and be able to offer quality products and services.

Unbounce Smart Copy is part of that huge change. Their AI text generator can help anyone who needs to write copy, making the copywriting part of your business easier and quicker. It’s free, available in multiple languages, and has tons of useful features to help you write amazing copy. So what are you waiting for? Just go try it yourself!

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