Uscreen Review – A Powerful VOD and OTT Platform

Video distribution, editing, and polishing have just become easier ever since the existence of Uscreen.

It is an all-in-one video platform enabling users to monetize content by creating their own Videos based on a subscription plan. It helps us produce background-free videos using complex techniques, including chroma-keying and greenscreens.

However, it takes away your pain of knowing these fiddly methods of produce quality video by doing everything on its own! 

With Uscreen, stay rest assured to record your video footage anywhere, anytime, at any place, and get rid of the background to enhance the video’s quality. Uscreen takes the basic idea of VOD and OTT platforms to multiple levels above and makes it easy to deliver and monetize your videos.

You do not have to go through the pain of picking pixels, selecting colors, painting masks, or even moving paths. Uscreen takes the entire responsibility, top to bottom, to analyses your videos with 100% automation and generate high-quality results.


Let us get into details about Uscreen and understand everything about it!

Uscreen Review


  1. Upload and organize seamlessly: Uscreen lets you upload videos in bulk, manage them effectively in specific categories and add custom filters. It also enables you to upload extra videos that might finally be the right fit to be used in the video content.
  2. Monetization: Uscreen is one of those mediums that allows you to monetize your creativity. Offer subscriptions or one-time purchases for your videos on demand. 
  3. Analytics: Uscreen provides comprehensive analytics and reports on what your audience likes and how the content is performing. This enables you to improve in areas you lag and focus on areas that do better.
  4. Stream live: Through Uscreen, you can schedule events in advance and build excitement amongst our audience with a countdown overlay.
  5. Stream on demand: It also enables you to stream your content in a stunningly beautiful on-demand video catalog, polishing your video and making it presentable.
  6. Your own apps: Through Uscreen, you can create an absolutely 5-star streaming experience for your audience on any device from anywhere!


What Is Uscreen? | Capabilities & what does it do for you

  • Launch: Uscreen makes launching your branded streaming service possible in just a few steps. You can use any of the Uscreen video website’s themes and templates to create a high-quality video that does well in front of your audience. Their themes are designed to convert, and not only that, but you can also create your very own personalized theme! All of this does not require any coding since everything is automated with a few clicks.
  • Grow: The growth prospects from Uscreen are immense. You can unlock the true potential of your videos by using the built-in marketing and automation tools that Uscreen has to offer. Use their marketing and community features if you wish to intensify your each and leverage their built-in sales and analytics reports to track your success, act on it and amplify it!
  • Retain: Tap into their knowledge base and always stay ahead of the game. With Uscreen, you are not a follower but a trendsetter. Their experts teach you how to maximize the use of their built-in retentor tools and ensure that you build a stable, sustainable, and scalable business that reaps substantial profits.
  • Monetize your work: Uscreen allows and encourages you to set up subscription plans, rentals, or one-time purchases that give the audience access to your VOD and live streams. You can easily create exclusive experiences for all your subscribers with coupons,, and high-quality videos. One predictable fee, transparent pricing, and same-day setup are what Uscreen has to offer and ensure that your business is up and running within a few hours.

The entire ecosystem of Uscreen is designed in a way that helps their user to generate profit and scale their business.

It is optimized for growth and conversions and enables easy setup of complete sales and marketing funnels through marketing tools and integrations that make the work quicker and easier to execute.

It helps you generate leads with maximized conversions into paying subscribers at no extra cost at all.

OTT Apps

Uscreen gives you everything you need in an OTT platform! It helps you deploy fast without the use of coding.

Uscreen also enables you to market your content effortlessly, with their time to launch an average maximum of 60 days. It offers the fastest solution to distribute your video content to mobile and TV OTT apps.

They do all the heavy lifting from technicalities to video polishing, publishing to regular updates, and everything else that makes the video future-proof and content-ready!

  • Robust branding and freedom: Uscreen lets you design your apps in a truly personalized manner that perfectly fits your brand image, vision, and vision. It increases user experience and results in a solid branding strategy.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics: Uscreen offers deep insights into built-in analytics that lets you dig deep into the watch time per device and understand your user’s behavior. It also helps identify your best-performing videos and the ones that did not perform well to help you direct and focus better on succeeding with future videos.
  • Centralized MCS, dynamic changes: Through the app, you can upload and manage your content from one single admin area. All updates, collections, and extras are rolled out to all the apps that are connected instantly. With an all-in-one OTT platform, everything becomes more straightforward.
  • Branded apple watch fitness tracker: This one is one of the unique features of Uscreen. It lets you create a genuinely immersive OTT experience by allowing you to launch your own apple watch app. You can offer your audience the power to control everything from their wrists without interrupting their daily routine. It helps keep users engaged and motivated and brings their health stats in a handy way to their wrists.

Additionally, Uscreen ensures that your apps are released in the fastest time in the market, with minimum effort. It helps you in creating 5 stared OTT apps and is one of the most powerful and affordable tools in the market with a fixed fee.


The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit

Uscreen has a marketing tool kit rich with low maintenance features and built specifically for video streaming businesses.

Breathtaking themes and customizations make it simpler for these companies to churn out the best quality videos in the market and increase their set audience with the same.

Its robust built-in marketing tools let you unlock your video business’s true potential.

  • Retain customers: Uscreen lets you stay in control of your audience. You can easily reclaim lost attention with its robust abandoned cart automation. Easy win-back flows help reduce churn and increase the lifetime value of customers through one platform by sending them reminders in case of an abandoned cart.
  • Launch sales and product pages: Stunning, fully responsive, and optimized landing pages are quickly built and launched within minutes through Uscreen. It helps you create smooth and memorable branded experiences with their easy landing page builder that requires no coding.
  • Marketing funnels: Funnels maximize your lead generation efforts. With Uscreen, you can build effective marketing funnels that identify, qualify and nurture your audience into actual customers.
  • Powerful integrations: Uscreen comes with one of the most powerful integrations in the market that help you with your streaming services. It connects you to leading email marketing platforms and web analytics with just a single click and few minutes.
  • Subscription upsells: THROUGH Uscreen, you can stimulate the buyer to purchase a higher-level plan. This happens through an upsell offer given by automation at the end of the checkout workflow.



All the themes in Uscreen for your VOD are specialized, fully equipped, and customizable.

You can quickly build a solid online presence and garner your audience with powerful and stunning website themes, which are designed with the sole purpose of monetizing videos. It only requires a quick and easy setup that is fully brandable without any requirement of coding skills.

  • Stunning website themes: Uscreen VOD website themes enhance your user experience and captivate them. Their deliverable designs ensure that your website gets a polished look on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Fully customizable and brandable: You can easily take control over the look of your website with their easy and simple-to-use visual editor. Customize websites without coding to match your brand by adding logos and adjusting colors that match and represent your signature look.
  • Launch quickly without coding: Uscreen ‘s quick and easy launch makes your website memorable with video streaming services that make a difference in the market. You can set your own language with SSL security, select your very own domain and leave all the hosting responsibilities on us!
  • Built-in sales and checkout pages: Each theme available on Uscreen is critically picked and designed for unique businesses. It is optimized for higher conversions ensuring the seamless flow of the built-in sales and checkout pages. This gives users an effortless experience while purchasing your VOD.


Live Streaming

Through a smooth and secure PPV live streaming, you can take your online presence to the next level with Uscreen ‘s powerful live streaming platform.

Your audience receives a 5-star viewing experience with Uscreen ‘s full HD live streaming platform. Your community can even grow further through the features of live chats and web streaming capabilities on the web, mobile, and TV.

  • Live chat: Uscreen allows you to engage with your users through the live chat and keep them glued to their screens. You can easily interact with your live stream audience with a real-time chatbox that increases customer satisfaction as well.
  • Live stream to any possible device: You can broadcast your live streams on laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones supporting iOS and Android. OTT TV devices also support it. Its multi-bitrate adaptive streaming makes sure that your audience gets the best streaming experience with top-notch video quality irrespective of their bandwidth and location.
  • Notifications about going live: Uscreen sets up your events quickly and sends messages to your audience. This ensures that they never miss your live streams! There are also live event countdowns, preregistration pages, and auto records to VODs that Uscreen enhances user experience.


Video CMS

Uscreen ‘s video content management system is one of its most vital assets.

You can easily upload, recognize, and distribute your video content through its video CMS with robust tools. Their superior encoding gives lightning-fast video ingestion and lets you easily upload progress without being lost if you go offline.

  • Built-in video hosting: Uscreen ‘s CMS hosts and delivers videos for you flawlessly. You can either reupload a single video or them in bulk. You can also add extras like PDFs to each collection with a single click. It automatically prepares your content for multi-device delivery in no time, with fast encoding.
  • Live streaming along with an on-demand playback: Easily go live on all devices with only one click. All your live streams are recorded and available on-demand as soon as your event ends. You can also include them in your subscription packs for the audience to buy as a bundle or pay per view.
  • Smooth playback: A global CDN backs Uscreen, ensuring secure video delivery virtually. The content is of high quality and guarantees 100% buffer-free videos, anytime, anywhere.
  • Video scheduling: Your content availability is in your hands with Uscreen. You can set up a release date for videos and publish them automatically when the date arrives. You can also add an expiration date to unpublish and remove them from the catalog when needed.
  • Upload custom thumbnails, SEO Meta-data, and closed captions and subtitles: These features help match your thumbnails to your brand, generate engagement, and improve accessibility to your videos by adding subtitles to them. Adding metadata to videos help the audience find the content aligning with their interests simply and quickly. It also allows you to add custom filters, build intelligent playlists, and set access rules for better delivery of the video content.


Building Community

Uscreen ‘s native features help grow a solid community around you through chat, comment, and engagement elements. It creates a strong bond with your audience and fosters growth amongst your own community around your content.

  • Comments: Uscreen encourages fueling discussions, responding to comments, and managing conversations to monetize videos online by using Uscreen ‘s native commenting feature.
  • Customize user profiles: You can motivate your users to optimize profiles and bring their true personalities out with custom profiles. Unique profile pages lead to quickly setting avatars, editing information, and managing access and billing all from one dashboard.
  • Real-time engagement: Powerful chat system is required for powerful live streams. It lets you include your audience’s in all conversations and keep the discussion going through a single control system.


Video Playback

Uscreen gives the fastest video playback in full HD.

The video is smooth, crisp, and secure, giving a spellbound experience to the users every time. The audience is quickly turned heads with best-in-class online video playback with a superior HTML5 video player. There is a cross-device HD video quality experience with fast delivery and safety.

Their HTML5 player is made especially for VOD and OTT delivery services. They make the videos to the best of their abilities.

  • It comes with white labels, stable and reliable videos: The videos are made with no disturbances with full support for VTT captions and screen readers. It also has a blazing fast vanilla ES6 JavaScript player.
  • Global Security for delivery: Global CDN ensures that the video is delivered securely across countries. 
  • Speed controls: Viewers can control the videos’ speed, and you can add built-in controls with a single button. Close captions enable viewers to activate and deactivate subtitles easily. 



The last feature that we are going to review for Uscreen is its high-end Security and privacy.

It keeps all your data and videos safe with absolute stability. Since you put so much time into your videos, creating and planning them, it is essential that they are in safe hands. Uscreen ‘s strong privacy ensures that your client data is safe.

  • Secure VOD and live streaming: Uscreen ‘s Security is a super severe feature. The profile the safest live streaming environment and ensures seamless on-demand and live video content delivery anytime, anywhere.
  • Full data ownership: You own and control all your data without any third parting seeking rights on it. Billing information, platform usage, and preferences, everything is yours. 
  • Secure checkout and payment: Their checkout pages have robust optimizations for conversions. They offer an enhanced layer of data protection with compliance as a serious concern that they keep in mind. They make purchasing transparent, safe and protected.
  • SSL security, 99.99% uptime: Uscreen ‘s SSL encryption ensures all data passed remains private and integral along with a stable and secure video delivery system with 99.99% uptime. The 24/7 monitoring ensures the smooth running of videos with a secured payment transaction system. All downloads on OTT apps are also secure, and you can download them to view them online. The geo-blocking content restrictions enable you to allow and disallow access to an audience in a particular location. Tracking intercepts and blocks access to anybody with IP recognition.



Uscreen comes with 3 main subscription packs.

  1. Basic: This basic pack comes with essential features and costs $49 per month. It includes bandwidth and storage along with website, marketing tools, and automation.
  2. Amplify: The Amplify pack costs $399 per month. It includes everything in the basic package plus lie streaming, live chats, and robust integrations.
  3. Enterprise: The enterprise pack is their most elite pack. It is fully customizable and best suited for unique businesses since they cater to your requirements with personalized requests. However, to get a price quote on this, you need to directly contact their administration department and discuss rates according to your requirements.


Their plans include 

  • Accepting credit cards and PayPal
  • Onboarding and training
  • Uploading videos, audios, PDFs, and more
  • Accepting international payments
  • Setting up own language
  • Full technical support
  • Instant payouts
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Set up your own brand
  • Transparent pricing
  • Same-day set up


All in all, it is sure that Uscreen is one of the best apps out there for your video content.

It markets your video, builds a brand, and provides the best live streaming platform one can imagine. Its robust automation and integrations act as a cherry on the cake.

Get Started with Uscreen – 14 Day Free Trial

It caters to all sets of audiences and clients and ensures that everybody experiences a seamless environment when they are a part of Uscreen.

Altogether, it is a safe option to subscribe to Uscreen if you wish to have quality videos produces and sold out there in the market, globally!

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