Varvy SEO Tool : Beginner Friendly Way To Analyse Onsite and Onpage SEO

There’s no point in doing SEO optimization without benchmarks and in this post, I will show you how you can create an SEO benchmark for your pages and posts using varvy “online” tools.

An Introduction To Varvy

Varvy is an online SEO tool and analyser which gives you a very detailed report of implemented and not implemented optimization based on Google’s guidelines.

This includes Speed testing report, On-page SEO report and mobile optimization report based on Google mobile-friendly webpage guidelines.

Varvy is managed and by its founder Patrick Sexton and he also writes about how every element like speed, schema markup, AMP, HTTP header etc. are important for your search engine optimization.

For now, there are three tools Vavry offers and below is the detailed overview at each of them.

SEO Analyser Tool

The SEO analyzer by varvy is highly recommended for any beginner and I suggest you use it at least once a week and every time you do something related to SEO.

Varvy set report

This tool shows you everything related to how Google renders your website and how it performs on its guidelines.

Some notable segments are:-

  1. Number of blocked links and pages by robots.txt
  2. Page Speed
  3. Http headers validator
  4. Link amount and findable links count
  5. if modified since header validator
  6. paid links finder and security analysis

And more. Not only it shows the errors and applied optimization results, but beneath every segment of the report, an article is attached which is written by Patrick himself that explains you everything you need to know about the given particular topic/segment.

The report also shows you how your page looks on a mobile phone with a screenshot attached to the report. If your mobile theme is having any issues or errors, it indicates and you can check and rectify those too.

Speed Test Report

The speed test report shown by varvy is not your typical “developer only” report like Pingdom or gtmetrix.

The report is very neat and beginner centric. Every word that matters is explained with a detailed article just below the speed results shown.

Varvy explains how your pages are performing and what is missing along with why they actually affect your SEO.

Here’s my report:-

Speed test report by Varvy

My speed optimization report says my blog is almost done of what it takes to be a fast loading blog.

It also shows what kind of optimization is missing and what impact it will have on my overall site speed and performance.

According to Varvy, I haven’t combined my external JavaScript and CSS codes and that’s why my loading speed increases a little bit. Now I know where the problem and I can start to work on that. Needless to say, it’s much clearer and visually pleasing than gtmetrix report.

It also points out that I should leverage browser cache.

We all know speed is an important aspect of SEO. Go ahead and do a speed test if your blog with varvy and after that look no further than this article on enhancing your websites’ speed.

Mobile Friendly Test

A very much needed tool for bloggers and webmasters. As per the first week of April google has officially released the new “mobile-first index” update.

You need to make sure your pages are 100% mobile responsive. Here’s my report for inspiration:-

Mobile friendly test by Varvy

My blog has a one hundred percent smartphone-friendly page which makes sure it looks and feels great on every device

Varvy shows you the exact reason why your pages are not mobile-friendly and how they degrade the user experience.

With the suggestions given in my varvy mobile-friendly test results, you can make your blog or web pages 100%  mobile-friendly.

All you need is an SEO optimized and responsive theme which is based on bootstrap. This will make sure your blog looks great across all the devices.

I find this tool very effective and especially, I would highly recommend this to you if you are a beginner and play with your SEO quite often. It has every necessary data which is based on Google guidelines which makes Varvy a trustworthy tool. Above all of that, it’s completely free to use.

It’s better to note that this tool gives you a complete overview of how well your pages follow Google’s guidelines and we just want to do the same. Of course, it isn’t as comprehensive as any other dedicated SEO tool but yes, the beginners should use it.

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  1. it seems that Varvy desn’t exist anymore?!?!? do you know something about?

    1. Well, looks like someone bought the tool from Patrick. Nevertheless, it feels on the backend it’s the same tool.

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