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As the number of content creators rises, so do the tools to help them thrive. Today, in this post, we’ll be reviewing VEED, a video editor that allows anyone to create video content easily.

We’ll also include a brief tutorial and an overview of VEED’s features.

VEED is a video editor that makes it super easy to produce short-form videos. It was founded in 2017 and it has headquarters in London, England. An interesting fact is their servers run on 100% Renewable Energy!

VEED’s last founding in February made it possible for the company to release a number of new features that take the editor to the next level.

The editor makes it possible to create whatever you want, from slideshows and promo videos to music videos and TikToks. No matter what your niche is, you’ll find fascinating tools on

Key features


With their Dashboard, you have everything in one place: previews projects, new templates, tutorials and a button to go live.


Like Clipchamp, has a timeline interface. However, you shouldn’t feel discouraged about this. makes this type of editing super easy, so you can create pro videos. Effortlessly.

Green Screen Video

Among some of its most recent features, VEED has a green screen video. Users who film with a green screen background can make it disappear by toggling on the “Chroma Key” option.

You can also use your webcam to record a video of yourself with a green screen background, right within VEED.

File formats

VEED is compatible with a whole range of different audio, video, and platform formats. These include AAC, AVI, Facebook Video, GIF, Instagram Story Video, M4V, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPE, MPG4, OGG, WEBM, Xbox Video, Zoom Video, and more!


There was once a time when subtitles were used mainly by people watching something in a foreign language. Nowadays, however, we want subtitles in all our videos so we can watch them without putting our headphones on.

In fact, subtitles, and captions are prominent features on TikTok.

Although now many social media platforms already offer auto-captioning tools, having this tool integrated into a video editor is much more comfortable.

Moreover, some creators consider VEED’s subtitle tool it’s easier to use than the auto-captions on YouTube. allows you to add subtitles manually, auto transcribe or upload a subtitles file. Plus, its subtitle generator and translation feature supports a wide variety of languages.

Their AI creates translations with 95% accuracy that a human can quickly read and correct if necessary.

VEED Live Studio

As well as editing pre-recorded videos, you can also live stream to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, or Twitch. We’ve included a small tutorial below.

Podcast recording software

VEED recently acquired Welder, a podcast recording software. That’s because they’re shifting from building “just” a video editor to building a suite of tools that allow anyone to make great videos.

The product isn’t fully integrated into VEED yet, but soon will be. And, in the meanwhile, you can go to their website and start using it for free. You’ll be able to record in 48kHz and video in up to 4k to ensure your podcast stands out.

Cloud based

VEED offers collaboration tools on their Enterprise plan. You can give everyone access to the raw files so you can share the workload without the need for lengthy file transfers.

Plus, you can store and host your videos on VEED and share them via a URL or embedded them into your website.


Although their subtitles support different languages and their website is also in Spanish and Portuguese, the video editor itself it’s only in English. They don’t have yet a feature to change the language.


VEED doesn’t count with mobile apps yet. Although their website says you can use it on mobile devices, it actually refers to your mobile’s browser, which, of course, it’s not the best place to edit your videos.

The platform works on Windows and Mac desktops, and you don’t need an account to start editing. If you want to create and edit a video on the spot, you can do so without the need to give your email to another company, which is always great.

Support and resources

VEED has a YouTube channel full of tutorials. They also have a blog with tips and tricks to grow your audience, as well as a pretty active social media presence full of how-tos.

Chat and email support typically answer quickly, and they are really helpful too.

More features

  • Picture in picture: add an overlay video on top of another video.
  • Video transitions.
  • Stock video collection.
  • Browser-based teleprompter.


All plans include all video editing features, auto subtitles, unlimited projects, and unlimited rendering.

  • Free. Upload files of up to 250 MB and export them with a watermark.
  • Basic: $12 per month if paid annually. You get the unlimited file size and chat support. Plus, you can remove background noise and enhance audio quality.
  • Pro: $24 per month. Access brand kit tools and compress unlimited video files.
  • Enterprise: Contact sales for price estimates. Get a dedicated account manager and training.

You can pay by debit or credit card.


Editing a video

  1. doesn’t require you to create an account to start creating videos. You can simply click “Upload your video” to get started. However, I recommend signing up, so you can save your videos, have a workspace, and essentially access a more personalized experience.
  2. You’ll see 2 options to start a project: as a blank project or using a template. As this is our first time, let’s go with the safe option.

Veed step 2

3. Use the filters to sort through the templates and find the perfect one for you. I wanted a landscape size and chose this one:

Step 3

As you can see, the template offers a preview from which you can draw inspiration for your own video.

  1. Once you click “Start editing”, you’ll see the whole editor. editor

5. Add media. You can upload a file from your computer, add a video from YouTube or connect your account with Dropbox. Or simply choose from VEED’s video and audio stock collection.

Add media

5. Get creative! Draw, add stickers and filters, and play with transitions. Whatever you want!

Get creative

  1. When you’re ready, click “Export”.

Going live

  1. To go live, you must have a VEED account. Once you’re signed in, simply click “Go live” on your dashboard.

Veed dashboard

2. You will be taken to the live video dashboard, where you’ll find a video on why repurposing content is useful. You can ignore it, delete it or download it to see later.

Live video dashboard

3. Click “Go live” and give VEED permission to use your microphone and camera. Then make sure the sound and video are okay and add your display name.


4. Once again, click “Go live” to go to the studio.

Veed live

5. On the left lower corner, there’s an icon of a person. If your live includes other people, click it and copy the invitation link.

Invitation link

6. Finally, click the icon that looks like a desktop to share your screen. You can choose between sharing your entire screen, one window or one tab.

7. Now that everything is settled, you have 2 options:

Select “Go live” and opt-in on the social media platforms where you want to stream so you can go live. When you’re done, simply click “stop recording”.

Stream settings

Or click “Start recording” and send the video on a later day.

  1. Head to the dashboard to see your recording and choose “Create clip”.


9. The editing feature it’s still not available, but you can do other things here.

You’ll see a transcript of everything you said in the video. On the bottom on the right-hand side, there’s an option to save all that text as an SRT file.

You can also export the entire video.

Edit stream

Pros and Cons


  • You don’t need to pay or even have an account to use VEED.
  • Powerful features that allow you to create anything you’ll think of.
  • VEED offers automatic transcriptions and subtitles in multiple languages.


  • They don’t have mobile apps.
  • It’s a web service so it depends on your Internet connection.

Conclusion is an excellent video editor for anyone that needs to create content in video format. But especially for people working on social media, since it stands out for its captions feature.

Sadly, it doesn’t have a mobile app, but maybe that’s better since editing on your computer is much more comfortable.

The editor is going through a lot of changes, so expect new and amazing features to appear in the near future!

Would you consider for editing your videos? Have you already used it? Tell us in the comments!

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