Viglink Review – Detailed Information With Pros and Cons

Viglink has been recently re-branded to Sovrn //Commerce. It’s still the same tool so the review and other info here remain the same. The dashboard and overall UX have been updated and I’ve updated the images accordingly.

Viglink is one of the best ways to monetize your Outbound Links with Ease. In Case You don’t know About Viglink, Let me Introduce You To One of the Most Easiest ways to Start Affiliate Marketing, Well, technically Without any effort!!


Viglink is a Link Monetization tool that Helps You Earn Money With Every Outbound Link On Your Site Or Blog. When Elaborated, Viglink Converts Your Mentioned Merchants Into Revenue Generating Hyperlinks whose Destinations are predefined with Automated Bids So You Get The Highest Price Available.

To understand The Concept Of Why you will be paid, You Need to know about Affiliate Marketing. Viglink Also Works on Affiliate Marketing Scheme. It’s like being a friend who knows his stuff and recommends the best.

Let’s Make it easier, Consider Case 1 – You Wrote an Article On An D-SLR Camera “Merchant” And You Aren’t interested In Placing Links Manually in Your Article because it’s Time Consuming and You aren’t so good at these. In this case, your Article gets completely Un-Monetized and Your Review Didn’t generate any Revenue.

Case 2 –
When You have Installed Viglink or you use it, There Is No Need To Manually Link Your Mentioned D-SLR Merchant as The Merchant Will be Automatically get Affiliated and linked. You will earn Revenue with every purchase made through These links.

Case Two Shows That there is Initially ZERO Effort to earn Money With  Viglink. You don’t have To focus more on monetization Than, Well In most cases, Your content. But There is Always The Pros and The Cons, you can Expect Perfection everywhere. So Below are My Top Tips To Make your Earnings  Easier, Help You Focus on Quality, and make everything Perfect.

• Pros

1.  Almost Zero Efforts Needed.
2. 30k Merchants Worldwide.
3. Instant Approval.
4. Pay via PayPal.
5. Only the highest paying merchants Assigned (ensures high revenue)
6. Even the mentioned products are also converted into their respective merchant’s Link.
7. Covers Almost Every Niche with a huge variety of merchants.

• Cons

1. Creates Almost Every Mentioned Product into links when not optimized correctly ( I will explain how to later)
2. Sometimes Redirects To broken links. (I face Failed redirections to CJ when I tried The Anywhere Link router.)

Update:- Doesn’t work on browsers that don’t support javascript. Viglink works on javascript and that’s why it will not work if javascript is unable or unsupported.

Tips For Keeping Things well while Using VigLink

Building Your Article Structure is Very Important while using VigLink. Although it is an easy to use Tool, You have To be Precise while Settings Things Up. Follow The instructions below. I have also Prepared the screenshots which will help you. I Need you to Do Exactly As Mentioned. Just check  The Boxes As You See in The pictures.

Go to settings:-

Prefer “new window”

Click On Advanced and Select your preferred choice of Where the link will be opened, New Tab Or The same. I prefer to leave it to New Window.

Follow up and imitate:-

Keep it same: Don’t check the “reaffiliate” option
Don’t touch the lever!
You can use this to create affiliate links manually

Just Make sure you check the boxes and meters as mentioned in the pictures.

Now you have Successfully Configured The Required Settings. These settings will help you make a more User-friendly and Less Linked Articles ensuring A smoother experience and make it look like you have A Professional Aesthetic Sense.

If you’re getting the error: “no instance of the viglink code was found on your page.” Then try clearing the cache and place the code above the rest of the code header.

You can choose to receive your payment by check, wire, PayPal, or direct deposit. To select the payment method, head over to your Viglink account and click on Payment settings. Then select the payment method of your choice.


While Writing Articles, try Not to Mention The Products Or Merchants More than Three Times.

The more you will mention the more Links will be made. This has a bad impression on the reader. I personally Don’t like linking Each Time I mention a merchant. The best way is To lesser the Name and Use pronouns Such as It, This, They etc. To indirectly refer to the Sponsor.

If you don’t want to Use the Automated Linking feature, you can Also Use the Viglink “Anywhere” Facility. For this, you Only Need to Choose the preferred Merchant in Anywhere Section. Note – If you face any issues In “Viglink Anywhere” Function, Don’t Hesitate, Ask Me. You can Use this Feature to Affiliate the links you share on Social Media.

Although Viglink’s technology Is Appreciably Good, It’s Not Something Unique.

We have seen This Technology In previous Platforms like Skimlinks and also in WordPress plugins. If you are one of those person who Can’t handle Too many affiliate programs at a time, This is For you. If you face any issues while using Viglink, You may Ask me in the Comments section below or through the Contact Page.

P.S. Try it, I am Sure you’ll Love It

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  1. But i am Confused With Viglink and Skimlinks. What is your opinion? I’ve heard skimlinks performs better.
    By the way thanks for the details.

    1. I’ve seen both of them in action, They don’t differ much in performance, they both are excellent, But Skimlinks doesn’t approve blogs with low traffic, so beginners have no option other than viglink.

      1. True.
        I was disapproved by Skimlinks.
        I’m still learning how to use Viglink.
        It has good reviews.

  2. What if already I have Amazon product review.

    Product name is there with the afiliate link in the post.

    In some case only product name given amd a link with buy button there. If any other link imposed by vigilink on the product name?

    1. Sudipta, Viglink won’t override the pre attached affiliate links if you have tuned up the settings the same as i have shown you. If you will look closely at The first image in the upper section you will see a lever showing ” reaffiliate the affiliate links”. Simply turn this to OFF position and no existing affiliate links will be removed. Still other words will be inked & affiliated, no need to worry.

  3. Hello Aayush,

    Excellent Viglink review on what sounds like a very Great product for the affiliate marketer.

    I was wondering how easy it might be to retreat from “VigLink” once you have been approved and are well underway with them.

    Some programs Are sound really great at first but once hooked up – they are next to impossible to get out from under.

    Thanks again Aayush – all the best!

      1. Muhammad Tabish says:

        Hi Aayush,
        Okay, Buddy! please Check your Email,

  4. If you are a fashion blogger stay away from it… I had it for over a year and still waiting to get a commission (from a high traffic site) So be careful, affiliate links are easily stolen and vendors are not kosher about their practices… they will remarket to your audience and present them with their own discount coupon and you get nothing. I don’t see Viglink standing up for the publishers.

    1. Irvin Singh says:

      Did that happen in Viglink? I read somewhere that some networks/companies do this kind of thing. Affiliates send traffic and then companies re-target that traffic on their own, thus cutting out the original traffic sender completely.

    2. I’m currently using Viglink making decent returns but with very close monitoring. Hopefully this isn’t happening to me right now…I’ll make money for 3-4 days consistently with one link, then suddenly they would send my clicks to one of their “other affiliate” sites or pages that offer no commission. I don’t know but I am still figuring it out.

  5. Great helpful Guide on Viglink. Aayush, I added you to my bloggers list. Thanks
    What do you think about skimlinks?

    1. If your website gets more than 10,000 visits, Skimlinks might be an alternative to Viglink. Nothing is much different in terms of the backend as they both are running in the same marketing system.

  6. Awesome article on Viglink. I am a member (applied), but still waiting on full approval. I’ll update when I get access to full dashboard.

  7. Jacqueline alderson says:

    I got viglinks at first they congratulated me when earned a couple of dollars commission then they told me my account was closed. They don’t give you a chance to try I got conflicting emails in one day.not good. I’m gonna retry.

  8. Successfully installed and Using viglink and it’s working excellent on my slimmingstar blog

  9. In Merchant Explorer of Viglink’Program approval’ is showing red cross ×.
    Can I publish links from that merchant or not, if yes how and if no, how to use it and get approved?

    1. You can not use the links from any merchant that shows x. You can’t do anything to get approved since it works on an automated algorithm.

  10. I installed Skimlinks and tested it for months and months. I see a great amount of traffic but no results. It was like a shady-thing to me no idea why. I mean I am sending a huge amount of traffic but 0 Conversions. Will give viglink a try now 🙂 Thank you for the review

  11. Thank you for this guide. I was wondering if I use Anywhere link do I have to get approved with the merchant first to earn? Like would I earn automatically by using anywhere link as long as there is no red x? Or do I need to still apply for every merchant?

    1. Any merchant with an X is not a fit for you. Yes, if there is a green tick ✅, you’re already approved and you will earn a commission for promoting that merchant.

  12. Hi Aayush,
    What a wonderful article it is ! But I could not find the answer to my problem. I am new in Viglink. I made a page and installed the code but when I checked, I got the message “No instance of the VigLink code was found on your page.” when all my browsers are javascript enabled.
    Can you please tell me why it happened ?

  13. I added the viglink on my website but it’s not working. I can’t see link on my site. Do I need to install the plugin for it to work? Don’t forget the plugin has not been updated for years.

    Someone help.

    Plus if you have had success with VigLink, please share.

  14. I am confused. Most merchants have the red X and those that have a green X, when I click on them to view details it changes to the red X. Also, why does the ANYWHERE link allow you to make Viglinks if those sites show the red X originally? I hope my questions are not too confusing. One last question, can you post to Facebook, Instagram, and what about sending text messages?

    1. I’ll clear it:

      It seems you’ve either entered something wrong while adding your website as a property on Viglink. You should delete the old properties and add a fresh one. The red X means you are not approved to promote that merchant. Not by any means, including ANYWHERE.

      You can use the links anywhere, however, it would be better if you shorten them using or better cloak them using a link cloaking tool.

  15. Hello, Aayush We have a Vigilink working, but we are not getting the credits. We don´t know why… We see a lot of people click to buy and then… nothing happens, no credits to our account (CERO). We have tried to make purchases ourselves but we have gotten different responses… like, oh it was done with an overseas card. It doesn’t apply… what about the malware?

  16. Thanks for a detailed information. Is there other platform which has more merchants than sovrn? I’m just curious about if there is a competitive alternative.

    1. Skimlinks is, kind of but not as good as Sovrn. Cuelinks is an alternative, but specifically for Indians.

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