Wakelet Review – A Perfect Learning Community Platform?

With the pandemic turning tables around and education going online, it has become absolutely essential to keep everything in sync with the students online. This is easier said than done and involves a lot of challenges that teachers all over the world have faced. To conquer this difficulty of online teaching, a platform called Wakelet has come to everybody’s rescue.

Wakelet is one of the most incredible platforms to exist that lets you capture, share and organize all multi-media-related resources with the learning communities, including students and teachers. It is basically the platform that makes online teaching and learning extremely simple, quick, and hassle-free.

Wakelet comes with several integrations with essential applications like Microsoft Teams, Bounce, and more; it allows the users to add several content items to engage the students, parents, and even colleagues in the changing education times. The collections that you share on Wakelet can be done collectively and even individually, as the platform’s flexibility offers you to choose how you wish to work.

In our article, we will be providing you with an extensive review of Wakelet and if it is worth investing your time and money! Not only education, but the platform also helps you do so much more beyond making online learning simple, which we will be talking about in our article. 

What does it exactly do?

Wakelet sums up its functionality with a single statement – one platform, infinite possibilities. And rightly so. The platform enables you to organize everything online by saving your bigger inspirations, showing your most refined piece of work, planning holidays well before time for a lifetime, and much more – all through a single platform.

It brings you in control and lets you create virtually engaging content inspired by the best content on the internet. 


Wakelet features

Simple mechanism

With Wakelet, you can easily save and organize your entire content spread online. The interface is simple, and the job gets done in a few steps. No complicated functions, no coding required!

Ultimate organization 

We call Wakelet our organized buddy because it helps you arrange and capture all your work the way you want to, all under one roof. The organization process becomes seamless with Wakelet and does not require any additional hard work from your side.

wakelet 3

Collaboration and sharing

With Wakelet, you can invite all your colleagues, knowns, and the client to work with you on your collections or create new collections of their own. The platform is a streamlined one that is easy to use by all, and it helps you better your communication and collaboration with immediate parties and even third parties. With Wakelet, you create a community of your own!

wakelet 4

Free unlimited everything

Yes, you heard them right. The platform provides you with unlimited everything for no cost at all. You can create infinite spaces and collections and also invite unlimited contributors, including clients and colleagues, without paying a single penny.

wakelet 1

Inclusive and accessible 

The platform includes a built-in immersive reader that helps you increase inclusivity and also has a language translation feature that makes it accessible to people all around the world.

Robust and seamless integration

Wakelet comes with some compelling integrations with helpful tools that you already use or are going to use in the future to make the processing even more straightforward, easier, and quicker. 

Content directory 

Wakelet’s primary function is to act as our content directory where you can create and save all your resources in one place. You can then use these externally or invite people on board to go through it, whichever way you prefer. The platform allows you to keep everything safe for free under one roof without having to create multiple files to send across to students, teachers, parents, and more. 

wakelet 2

Things you can create and do with Wakelet 

Here is a list of a few main things that the platform allows you to create or do, hassle-free, either initially or by copying content from the internet and curating it as a resource box –

  • Classroom management
  • Bookmarking
  • Content curation
  • How to guides
  • Lesson plans
  • Education search and research
  • Mind mapping
  • Newsletters
  • Portfolio creators
  • Notetaking
  • Professional development
  • Search tools
  • School and university information
  • Student assessments
  • Study groups
  • To-do lists
  • Browsing
  • Teacher collaboration 

wakelet 5

Platform compatibility 

Wakelet is a flexible platform compatible with almost all devices across the globe. These are –

  1. The tool is user-friendly and compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, and all web-based platforms
  2. All web applications are available for all Android and iOS devices worldwide
  3. All browser extensions, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, are ready to use with Wakelet

Wakelet usability

The platform is mainly used by teachers, tutors, instructors, professors, and curators whose main motive is to have a pile of resources readily available for their students and relevant parties to share information with. Hence, it can be used to share learning resources that you specially handpick from the internet, and create classroom newsletters for the parents to know more about what is going on in this school.

You can also set digital assessments, lesson plans, timetables, syllabi, and much more with the free platform. As a creator, you are free to use any information and resource from the internet without having to worry about copyright issues. 

The platforms you can use to source information form are YouTube, Google Drive files, infographics, PDFs, social media posts, different podcasts from different curato5rs, and anything else that you can find from the internet. Not just that, you can create your very own content as well! 

Is the sign-up process easy?

A one hundred percent, yes! The sign-up process on Wakelet is super easy and seamless to go through with. All you have to do is sign up as an educator and create your profile. You will get an educator category, and once you choose this, you will get plenty of subcategories to choose from.

These subcategories include the grade level you are involved with, and you can pick from classes starting from pre-K to technology and instructional coaches across the globe. It is a process that only takes few minutes to come into play, and we guarantee you that there are no hidden obligations or charges required. 

wakelet 7

Multiple ways to add resources to your collections through Wakelet

Wakelet allows you several ways in which you can add more and more resources every day to your collections seamlessly. It makes it an easy process with a step-wise guide to help you navigate through the platform without any issues. The technical simplicity and less complexity enable every user to utilize Wakelet to the best of their abilities. 

Here are the different ways in which you can do so –

  1. Sharing resources from a phone to the platform: We mostly skim through different websites on our phone, and as soon as you come across the one that you like, you can use Wakelet’s share feature to transfer the website to the platform. All you have to do is have a Wakelet app, and the job is done.
  2. Add from Wakelet itself: You can sign in to your Wakelet account and start creating or editing your collection in which you wish to add or save another resource. This is possible through the plus sign available on the platform’s top portion.
  3. Add from different tabs: After installing the Wakelet extension to your web browser, the platform opens on its own as soon as you open a new tab. Automatically the tabs that are open on your browser appear on Wakelet vertically, which can be added to your collection.
  4. Collection from tabs: Last but not least, you can create and collect from the tabs themselves. There is a button at the bottom of the screen on the platform called ‘create a collection with tabs.’ By clicking on this button, you save a lot of time as every tab open on the screen is a resource that you can save with just one click. All of them can be saved together.

wakelet 6

Use cases for teaching and learning


Wakelet enables you to create monthly class newsletters for your students to foster communication and learning in a more exciting way. These newsletters can include syllabus, timetables, academic notes, important events and dates, class resources, and much more.

Lesson plans 

With the platform, you can also create extensive lesson plans that the students be in sync with the school work and syllabus. The lesson plans can include questions and answers, reading lists, learning goals and objectives, timelines, and more.

Group projects 

One of the best use cases of Wakelet is that it includes an option to create and excel in group projects. It bridges the gap between communicating and collaborating with several people across the city, country, or even the world. 

Researches and assignments 

Last but not least, Wakelet helps you create assignments and research works for your students and even parents to ensure that there is complete clarity on the school work and academics. 

wakelet 9

Rules and privacy

From what we have noticed, the free platform has some very stringent and strict rules. The rules are for what you can save, edit, add and create on Wakelet. This is mainly to maintain the dignity and authenticity of the platform. It is also to provide a safe environment for you and your readers, which potentially include students of all age groups. 

In our opinion, strict rules and regulations are incredibly helpful. They keep track of what is posted, and any violation can lead to severe charges. This helps to keep everything on the platform clean. And there is no scope for any misusing or putting out inappropriate content that one would not be delighted to see. Some of their rules and policies include not posting any content that is –

  • Indecent, deceitful, criminally prohibited 
  • Defamatory, abusive, obscene, offensive, violent, harassing, hateful or questionable in any sense
  • Content that includes violent threats, discrimination, and biasedness against caste, race, sex, religion, nationality, origin, visually inappropriate content
  • Any material infringement of a trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret, or intellectual property right of a third party/individual
  • Any content promoting illegal activity or advocating any unlawful act
  • Spam/use of deceptive links, words, and tags
  • Any content personally identifying someone/some party that does not wish to be identified
  • Content registering accounts automatically
  • Hence, all in all, your privacy is strongly protected along with the strict rules that ensure the quality of content that is available on the platform is free of any harmful/hateful identification or off limits in any sense.

wakelet 8

Wakelet pricing

The platform is absolutely free to be used without any hidden costs, obligations, or policies. All you have to do is sign yourselves up and start making your collective resources be shared. It is that easy! 


It is clear by Wakelet’s functioning that it is a platform that makes an organization super simple. In a time where everything is going online, and our laptops and phones are filled with documents and resources all over. This platform is a savior that helps us keep everything in place and with the people who need it.

Also, it is absolutely free to use. Hence, it only makes more sense to make use of the benefit of the platform and utilize it to the best of our advantage. It is not always that service comes for free, but when it does, like Wakelet, it should be grabbed. This is because the platform ensures to make our daily academic and teaching routine faster, simpler, and more seamless. 

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