Wave.video Review – Edit and Host Your Videos Like A Pro

Are you looking for new ways to engage your audience? Do you need a tool to easily create and edit your videos? Or do you want a place to keep your videos save? Then Wave.video is what you’re looking for!

Read this post to find out why video is so important in your digital marketing strategy, how Wave.video can help you, and what are its main features.

Why videos are important?

Content creation and digital marketing are evolving towards the video format. This isn’t news: a probe of the supremacy of video is on Instagram’s turn to video and landing pages being taken by video backgrounds and product videos. And honestly, nowadays, to rank high on Google, you need to include videos on your websites. It’s a very powerful tool for improving your search engine visibility.

So no matter what and where you create on the Internet, you should be creating quality content in form of video.

Yes, video files are heavy and some people might have seconds doubts because of that. But that’s where video hosts come along! Very similarly to image hosting platforms, video hosting platforms are time-saving tools that make your videos work to the fullest and be highly available across the world. Moreover, they work as a backup, so you’ll never lose your videos!


Wave video

What is it?

Wave.video is a software that allows you to create and host videos effortlessly. It was created by Animatron.inc in 2017 and since then it has received numerous awards.

With offices in Boston, Saint Petersburg, and Lviv, Wave has over 1,672,820 users. It’s not surprising, really: its wide range of features and pricing makes it suitable for creators, businesses, and literally anyone who wants to edit a video.

The tool focuses a lot on helping in your marketing strategy so while you edit your video or check out their templates, you’ll receive a lot of tips on how to engage your audience and improve your sales funnel.

And the best part? Although below you’ll see a huge list of features, it has a very user-friendly interface that doesn’t require you to be technical to use it. It’s so simple and it saves you so much time and it has often been said that it’s like Canva for video.

Key features

Video editing

In their editor, you’ll find:

  • 350 beautiful fonts to choose from.
  • 300,000 royalty-free audio tracks.
  • Automatic captions.
  • Visual effects for pro-looking videos: video transitions, catchy video intros, lower third animations, progress bar, animated stickers, video filters, and more!

Take a look:

Video editing

As you can see from this screenshot, their video editing tool is pretty solid.

Apart from these basic things such as layouts, fonts, and filters, it has some pretty amazing features. For example, you’ll find a text-to-speech generator that you can use as much as 10,000 times per month in the free plan.

The feature lets you choose from a list of many different languages and voices, and I must say it’s pretty cool. If you upgrade to the Business plan, you’ll even get a one-of-a-kind customized synthetic voice.


Wave video meme templates

Wave.video has more than 1,000 professional design templates. They have templates for everything. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING: holiday videos, Zoom virtual backgrounds, Facebook cover video, memes, video quotes, and tons more. It’s insane.

Searching for templates, you can type in the bar your industry so it recommends the most relevant templates for your business. Filter templates according to format or theme. The templates are 100% customizable and easy-to-edit so you get the perfect video template for you.

Ad-free video hosting

Store, host, embed, and distribute your videos with Wave.video hosting service. Customize the player to match your branding and define how you want your audience to watch your videos.

If you want additional privacy, you can toggle on password protection. This option is a great way to collect leads efficiently and monetize your videos!

Inspirational calendar with video ideas

Wave video calendar

Coming up with content each day is hard. Their Inspirational Social Calendar is a collection of ideas, hashtags, and humor to post daily and engage your audience. It is perfect for people who want to post more often but find it difficult to gain visibility. You’ll find daily templates like the one above and really cool ideas for social media.

You can also see ideas for next week and all the current month, so you can plan in advance.

And, for even more efficiency, sync up their calendar with yours.

Generate a video from a blog post

With the power of artificial intelligence, you can take an amazing article and repurpose it for a YouTube video. Currently, this feature is only available for the English language only.

Auto-generated video landing pages

Build a stand-alone video landing page to put your video in the spotlight and drive action with a CTA. Just write a flashy headline, some description, the call-to-action, and you’re good to go. With a direct link, you’ll be sharing the video in a snap.

Wave.video button

Integrate Wave.video button in your product so users can create awesome videos without leaving your website. Just add a bit of code to your site and you’ll have the button ready to be used. You can also customize it with your own style or Wave’s provided styles.

Resources and support

  • A knowledge base with advice and answers from the Wave.video team.
  • Blog posts.
  • YouTube videos.
  • Facebook community.
  • Live chat support: they are fast however I didn’t find them super helpful. They didn’t answer my question, just direct me to some links I had already seen.

More features:

  • Seamless integration with Facebook, YouTube, eClincher, Vimeo, HubSpot, and more!
  • Analytics: learn how many hours your video was played, how many people view it, and see the engagement graph to understand the most appealing type of videos.
  • Auto-resizing for more than 30 video formats.
  • Video in email.

How to use Wave.video?

As we already mentioned, there’s plenty of things you can do with Wave.video. But let’s go with the obvious, let’s suppose you want to edit a video and create a landing page with it. How do you do it?

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a free account on Wave.video. Using it couldn’t be easier: you can sign up with your email or choose one of these third parties: Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple.
  2. After signing up, go to the dashboard and select “New video”. You can upload a video or edit a video template.

Wave video dashboard3. Custom the video layouts, size, watermarks, animations, and all you wish. Changes are saved automatically and you can undo them at any moment. Keep in mind that when you edit your video it might appear in lower resolution but don’t worry, after rendering, it will look fine.

4. Once your video is ready, select a publish option: video, image, GIF, or white label link. You need to publish before the next step.

5. Go to the dashboard, select your video and click “Share”. Wave.video will give you a link to share your video page with your visitors. You can also customize its content in the “Landing page” settings and access a preview to see how it will look.

Wave video landing page

If you would like to embed your video in an email as part of your email campaign, you need to follow the same steps and then find the “Email campaign” tab. You’ll get a link as well as a code.


Wave.video offers different plans:

Free forever: basic video editing for every individual. Includes 2 million royalty-free video clips and images. It also has a 15-second edit limit.

Creator: $39 per month if paid annually. Access to purchase 200 million video clips and images at a big discount. Edit video of 15 minutes. This plan also removes Wave.video watermarks.

Business: $70 per month if paid annually. Includes SEO boosting rich snippets, collaborative editing, and password-protected videos. Business level customers also get 200 minutes of free captioning each month and third-party reseller rights.

Enterprise: custom plan.

Get started with Wave for free


Wave.video is an amazing software that offers all you could possibly ask for a video edit and host tool. It seamlessly integrates with plenty of third-party tools, offers avant-garde features with the help of AI, and gives you all the help you need to thrive in your business.

I will say, though, that the 15-second edit limit in the free plan seems a bit confining. However, its premium plan is quite accessible considering all benefits so the upgrade it’s worth it. The product doesn’t have that many downsides and it’s unbelievably easy to use thanks to its drag-and-drop editor.

So there you have it, our take on the Wave.video platform.

Have you tried it?

Do you prefer other edit and hosting tools?

Tell me in the comments!

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