How To Create A Welcome Mat (Scroll Mat) In WordPress

Welcome Mat also called scroll mat, is one of the few optin form formats that convert like crazy. It’s not because they are easy to create, but because they are seriously unignorable and have a great first-time impression.

What is a welcome mat

A welcome mat is a type of lead generation or optin form format which pushes your page downwards and covers the whole page. This is primarily used for displaying welcome messages and getting leads from first-time visitors, but in this lead gen format, you can add anything such as:

  • An opt-in or a lead generation form
  • A sign up button for registration
  • A CTA ( for promoting products, etc.)
  • A video, GIF or a welcome message

And almost anything.

This works best for lead generation because it is not so easy to ignore these messages. It is so big and beautiful that you’ll be tempted to read whatever is there in these scroll mats if you see them for the first time.

Why You Should Be Using Welcome Mats

If getting more subscribers for your list and more leads for your product is your target (which should be) the welcome mat is your gold mine.


Because it converts better than lightbox popups and old-school inline forms.

Moreover, it’s quite advanced. The main benefit which I feel scroll mat users will see is its user-friendliness and performance. Since they are beautiful and don’t require any eternal page to work, your visitors will find it less annoying and pretty neat.

The welcome mat format is SEO-friendly as well. It remains responsive, which means it’ll always look good no matter what device they’re shown on. These forms are all fixed in size so there is no need to scroll down or upwards.

In a nutshell, this is something you should definitely try.

Now that you know about the welcome mat and its benefits, I’ll show you how to create one for your blog. To do that I’ll show you 3 different ways and tools you can use. In the end, I’ll also tell you the best way and the best tool to use.

Creating A Welcome Mat Using SUMOme

SUMOme is a set of tools that are primarily made with conversion optimization in mind. You get a lead generation suite that consists of several modules, one of which is the welcome mat.

Let’s get started with SUMOme.

Firstly, Install And Activate The SUMOme Plugin

Go to the SUMOme app and create an account. Then install its plugin on the WordPress blog you want to use it on.

You’ll have to sign in to SUMOme app once you activate the plugin.

Now go to your SUMOme dashboard and click on SUMOme shop icon like.

Select the welcome mat from the email section of the shop. Its located in the first row as shown in the image above.

Select your goal “building your list”. Then click on the welcome matt tab and design your form. Keep it simple and use as few words as possible. Don’t use images unless it’s very necessary.

That’s it.

Now click on the make live button and your scroll matt will start collecting leads right away.

Start using SUMOme

Creating A Scroll Mat Using Thrive Leads

What you see in SUMOme is called a welcome mat, the same thing you’ll find in thrive leads but with a different name (because SUMOme patented their name) which is a scroll mat. 

So the scroll mat in thrive leads works the same way. This is the one you’ll see on my homepage since I’ve already written about thrive leads.

Firstly, Go to the thrive themes and get your subscription of thrive leads. Then, install and activate the plugin, and don’t forget to enter your license key.

Go to your thrive leads dashboard and click on the add new leads group button.

Next, click on the add new type of option form button.

Then select the scroll mat as a new optin form type from the popup menu.

After that, you’ll be redirected to a second tab. Here, click on the add new form button. Name your new form and save it.

After creating your form you’ll notice a few buttons next to your form. Click the edit button as I’ve shown in the image above.

Next, you’ll be shown a lot of different scroll Matt templates. You can choose any of them and it depends on your personal preference.

After that, you’ll have to do one thing which is very, very important. Connecting your email marketing service. To do that, firstly, click on the green button below and select state1. Then simply click on the lead form and select your email marketing service by going through the settings on the left side of the screen, as I’ve shown in the image.

Finally, click on the Save button below. Now, there’s only one thing you need to do.

Go to your thrive leads dashboard and click on the gear icon. Here you’ll have to select when this scroll mat will be shown to a visitor. I recommend selecting the homepage optin only.

That’s it. Your scroll mat is live now.

Start using Thrive Leads

Creating A Welcome Mat Using HelloBar

Now let’s see how to create a welcome mat using a popular lead generation tool called HelloBar.

First, go to hellobar and create your account. Install its plugin and activate it.

Then login to your hellobar dashboard and in your dashboard click on Create a New button. Select your goal to grow your list.

After that, select the page takeover popup optin form format.

Choose a theme that best suits you. Hellobar is smart enough to automatically choose a theme that will best suit your blog.

Click on the Next button and select the targeting optin as shown in the image above. If you have already purchased a subscription then you can select the homepage visitors option. If you have a free account, you can select the Everyone option.

This is a very important step. On this screen, you’ll have to connect and sync Hellobar with your email marketing service. Click on Create a new contact list button. You can connect your MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contact and ConvertKit accounts in the free version.

Finally, click on the save and publish button to make your welcome mat go live.

Start using HelloBar

Bonus – OptinMonster

The OptinMonster tool is a great lead generation tool and you can also create a welcome mat using this tool.

Let’s see how.

Start by going to the OptinMonster app. Select the pro plan because this is and the plans above are the one that gives you access to the welcome mat campaign. Create your account or simply start using the free trial period.

Once you’ve created your account, you will need to install the OptinMonster code on your blog.

Then go to your dashboard and click on create a new campaign button.

Select the full-screen optin type from the campaign type menu.

Then design your optin the way you want. The default settings are ideal settings and you can simply customize the text to match your call to action.

Then click on the Save button. We aren’t done yet, so keep reading.

Go to the optin settings and in the design fields section click on the overlay background button. Remove the transparency of the overlay background by shifting the white lever upwards as shown in the image above.

In the same settings, enable the page slide option. Then go to the display rules menu and set the trigger to immediately after a visitor land on your page.

That’s it. Your welcome mat is live now.

Start using OptinMonster

This was our whole welcome or scroll mat tutorial and I hope you are now getting more leads than before. Share your experience in the comments section below.

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