7 Best WhatsApp Marketing Tools & Software

When it comes to reaching your target audience, it’s essential you find which social media they use the most. If your potential customers are very young, that would probably be TikTok. Whereas if they are older, Facebook or Instagram are choices more likely.

However, there’s one social media platform -that people often forget counts as social media- that almost everyone uses: WhatsApp.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about using WhatsApp as part of your digital marketing strategy and, of course, the best WhatsApp marketing tools to do so.

Why should you use WhatsApp as part of your marketing strategy?

As you consider which actions to take for your business, you know trying to do everything is setting yourself up for failure. So you might ask “why spend my energy on this app?”.

Well, there are various reasons you need to incorporate WhatsApp as part of your strategy:

  1. Most people feel safer and more connected to a brand if it uses messaging apps. Which means this is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your interactions with customers.
  2. Besides, you’ll be reducing costs and time while you do it: WhatsApp is free and easy to use. No need to take long courses on how the algorithm works. However, if you are interested in it,check out our post on the Instagram Algorithm.
  3. Moreover, statistics show that 95% of people who received a WhatsApp message read it immediately or within a few hours. You’ll be receiving the full people’s attention instantly and without ending up in the dark and terrible Spam.

With WhatsApp marketing tools, you’ll be capitalizing on all these facts and boosting your business! So let’s take a look at some of the best services you can use.

7 Best WhatsApp Marketing Tools

Disclaimer: keep in mind that the goal of the following tools is to establish quality interactions with your clients. Using any of these services as a spam generator is unethical and will result in damage to your own image.

1. Whatso


WhatSo is a one-in-all marketing automation platform. It helps you connect with your customers through different channels like SMS, WordPress and, yes, WhatsApp.

With WhatSo, you can automatically send bulk messages to your customers with attached images, documents, PDF, and more without getting blocked by the app.


  • Bulk message sending feature
  • Customizable sender ID.
  • Import all contact details from existing files like Excel, CSV, TXT files.
  • Anti-blocking settings.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Good customer support: they reply super fast via chat.
  • Message templates to improve your revenue like abandoned cart, new product launch and welcome series.


They accept PayPal as well as credit cards.

  • Standard: $29 per year. Send 1000 messages per day.
  • Professional: $39 just once. Send unlimited messages.
  • Enterprise: $69 once. The Enterprise plan includes WordPress theme hosting and also the WhatsApp API. You can try it out on their demo page by entering your own mobile number.

2. Vepaar


Vepaar was initially known as WhatsHarsh and was created in 2013 to be a WhatsApp bot when chat bots were trending.

However, they have grown a lot since then and today Vepaar is a powerful suite of tools dedicated to helping small and medium businesses all over the world.

They have headquarters in Ahmedabad, India, and more than 3000 customers.


  • Autoresponder templates.
  • Quick replies and polls.
  • Save customers messages and media, then retrieve and filter them in your dashboard.
  • Build customer profile.
  • Create and apply tags.
  • Sales funnel: filter customers according to their stage in the funnel to send them personalized messages.
  • Export contacts to Excel, VCF, CSV and more.


You’ll see that Vepaar lets you scale your plans as you grow:

  • Free forever: get unlimited poll responses and customizable sales funnel.
  • Basic: $4.99 per month. Auto-sync chats and personalize quick replies.
  • Pro: $14.99 per month. Includes Zapier integration and Vepaar API.
  • Agency: $29.99 per month. Get Salesforce integration and unlimited reply templates.

3. Wapp-Sender

Wapp Sender

Wapp-Sender is one of the multiple products by Zygote Software Solutions, a company founded by Chandra Bhushan. The entrepreneur aspires to renovate the world through their technology: software services, custom ecommerce website development and web designing, among others.

Wapp-Sender is their free Google Chrome extension for Windows, Mac and Linux.


  • Send messages to saved and unsaved contacts.
  • Attach pictures, PDFs, audios, videos and files.
  • Personalized message templates: create and save templates for reuse.
  • Import contact by copy/paste, CSV or TEXT file for your ease.
  • Customize time delay between messages.
  • Download group contacts.


Wapp-Sender offers a free trial license for 24 hours with all its features. Here’s all of their plans:

  • Free forever. It has a message limit and doesn’t include custom delay settings.
  • Trial: $2 and valid for one day. Includes multi-native language and group grabber.
  • Premium: you can get all premium features for $9 per month, $39 twice a year, or $69 yearly.

4. WAAM-it Blaster

WhatsApp Marketing Software

WAAM-it Blaster claims to be the world’s premier WhatsApp marketing tool. And, considering their wide range of tools, it’s hard to argue. They send up to 5000 free text messages per hour worldwide in all their supported languages and count with responders, cloners, chatbots and other cool tools.

Moreover, Blaster is currently working on more developments, so we might see more applications soon.


  • Send unlimited WhatsApp messages.
  • Advanced chatbot that automatically replies with text, links, and emojis.
  • Zapier & Integromat API integration.
  • Message time schedule panel.
  • Skips and blocks wrong phone numbers.
  • Supports WhatsApp Business.
  • Supports xls, xlsx, csv and txt lists.


To get any of the plans, they only ask you for a one-time payment.

  • Basic: $577. Send unlimited messages but no attached files.
  • Pro: $737. Includes Instant single message schedule.
  • Ultimate: $997. Message with the chatbot and access the API integration.

5. Bulk WhatsApp Sender

Bulk Whatapp sender

Bulk WhatsApp Sender is a tool developed by Digital Suvidha, the leading digital marketing agency in the Delhi/NCR region. They offer multiple services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, app development, and Bulk WhatsApp Sender.

Digital Suvidha even has an online SEO score checker!


  • Send unlimited messages, photos, files, and PDFs.
  • AI anti blocking system.
  • WhatsApp group grabber.
  • Complete delivery report.
  • Multi-Account feature: automatically send messages from different WhatsApp accounts.
  • Import and export contacts.


  • Basic: $15 yearly. Send unlimited personalized messages, photos, and files.
  • Premium: $25 yearly. Includes an AI auto-bot reply and the option to schedule campaigns.

6. Twilio

Twilio Whatsapp marketing tool

Meet Twilio, one of the best WhatsApp marketing tools out there.With 26 offices in 17 countries and counting, Twilio supports communications worldwide and empowers people everywhere.

Apart from sending and receiving WhatsApp messages, with Twilio, you can generate voice solutions, deliver emails, and create videos.


  • Send and receive media files: images, audio, PDFs.
  • Big data analytics.
  • Quick replies and call-to-Actions buttons to drive engagement.
  • Build message templates.
  • Share locations on a map.
  • Get real-time delivery insights.


The way Twilio charges for its services is different from the other tools, and it’s quite curious.

Apart from charging per message, the price varies according to your country.

7. MessageBird

MessageBird WhatsApp marketing tool

MessageBird aims to build a world where communicating with a business is “as easy and natural as talking to a friend” as they put it. And indeed, they have multiple tools to help you reach your customers’ preferred channels.

Moreover, MessageBird is the official WhatsApp Business solution provider. Its WhatsApp bulk sender provides message personalization and includes polls and mobile coupons.


  • Send automated notifications.
  • Create templates.
  • Machine learning and AI support.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Give your team full context from previous conversations and order history.
  • Build data pipelines with their Flow Builder.


MessageBird has very flexible pricing solutions:

  • Startup: free. Unlimited conversations with up to 50 Active Contacts per month. It gives you access to all of MessageBird’s channels, including WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Pro: $50 per month. Get 500 Active Contacts per month.
  • Pro Plus: $150 per month. Includes up to 1500 Active Contacts and the premium Twitter API.
  • Custom: access priority support options and get as many Active Contacts as you need.


WhatsApp is much more than a mere message application. It turns out that, with the right tools, it can help a lot with your business.

The services above have shown us it’s possible to automate messages, create templates, analyze data, and even use AI when using WhatsApp as part of our marketing platforms.

The tools to achieve this are many, but we tried to make a selection to deliver you the best ones. Tell us in the comments if you have already used any of the services above!

Finally, a point to consider. Although, as we pointed out, WhatsApp is an excellent tool for connecting with your public, it shouldn’t be the only one.

If you recall, last September, all of Facebook’s services fell. So instead of relying purely on WhatsApp, diversify and implement other contact systems like email marketing.

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