How To Join (Official) WordPress Affiliate Program & Make Money

Do you know Automattic (WordPress creators) has an official affiliate program as well where you can signup to promote WordPress(.com), Jetpack & WooCommerce and earn a commission?

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WordPress is such a famous CMS that almost every new blogger starts a blog using WordPress either self-hosted or hosted on which is why you can easily monetize your blog by joining its affiliate program.

This article will show you how you can join the affiliate program and 3 tips to promote it better as a pro. You can earn 20% commissions on every referral you make.

Since Jetpack and WooCommerce are also created by Automattic, when you join the WordPress affiliate program, you’ll also get access to the affiliate links of Jetpack plugin and WooCommerce plugin by which you can make money by promoting them as well.

Let’s get started!

Step 1

Head on to official WordPress affiliate homepage. This is the only place where you can join their affiliate program.

Click on the apply for membership button. This will redirect you to the registration page.

Step 2

In the registration page you’ll have to choose between two options:

  1. Register for a new account
  2. Use an existing account

Click on the “register for your account” to apply for a new affiliate account.

If you have an existing account, you can click on the “log in with” button.

Step 3

In the next screen, enter your email address, then choose a username and make sure you set a password that’s hard to guess.

Then click on the continue button.

After that, you’ll have to enter your website domain and other details on the next screen. Submit your application and that’s it.

Your application will now get into the approval process.

Things To Focus While Applying For The WordPress Affiliate Program

You should have a blog related to what niche WordPress belongs to. Since its a blogging platform, you can really take the benefit of its affiliate program form your blog in any niche but I recommend a few niches which are best and they are:

  • Technology, Digitial media Niche
  • Blogging Niche
  • Online Marketing, PPC and So on Niches
  • SEM & SEO Niche
  • Author, writing & publishing niche

Anyone who is willing to start a blog will be more than happier to use WordPress, to begin with, due to its level of customization and capability to do almost anything.

Find out more about what your audience wants. If your targeted audience is a section of beginners you will have a good time making money from WordPress because for every paid plan a user buys from your referral link, you are going to earn 20% commissions and that too for unlimited times.

Jetpack Affiliate Program

Jetpack is one plugin almost every beginner will need if they choose to start a self-hosted WordPress blog. If you’ll notice as I’ve shown in the image below, you get to promote the Jetpack plugin as well.

Jetpack is a freemium plugin that has multiple paid plans. If you refer someone to use the jetpack plugin and the user ends up purchasing a paid plan, you’ll get a 20% straight commission on that too.

WooCommerce Affiliate Program

Similarly, WooCommerce is a plugin as well. It helps self-hosted WordPress users to make an e-commerce site without any developer’s help. It also has multiple paid plans and add-ons. Just like Jetpack you get access to affiliate links to WooCommerce plugin.

There is a new addition to the affiliate link list which is the WP job manager plugin created by Automattic. You can also earn commissions via promoting WP job manager plugin and its paid plans and add-ons.

Here’s Where you’ll find affiliate links of Jetpack, WP job manager & WooCommerce:

Go to the campaign links generator.

Click on the select vendor dropdown menu and there you’ll find all the products of Automattic which are available for you to promote.

There is a banners section as well. You can use different sizes of banners on your site for higher impressions and more clicks. Simply click on the banner tab and copy and paste the code. I highly recommend you to use a dedicated ads management & targeting plugin for that such as Advanced Ads.

Just remember to cloak your affiliate links so that you can make sure your commissions are safe as well as you can handle them easily in near future. I use ThirstyAffiliates for that.

I hope you’ll make good money through WordPress affiliate program. Share this with your friends and leave a comment below to let me know how it is going for you.

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