WPFomify Review: Get Started With Social Proof Marketing

Have you seen those pop ups (called FOMO) on the bottom right corner on some web pages? These pop-ups show the most recent transactions, engagement, and other activities done on a particular website.

The WPfomify does precisely the same.

With WPFomify, you can engage your users by showing the latest happenings on your blog or website.

Be it a woo-commerce store or a simple blog, you can use this plugin to generate leads as well as to decrease the rate of abandoned carts.

Why you should use WPFomify?


You can use Social Proof (I will explain this in a second) to Increase Conversions on Your Website

WPfomify increases the conversion rates on your blog by displaying recent sales, activity & sign-ups.

People are often in Envy of getting left behind, and this plugin just triggers that envy and converts it into action beneficial for both the consumer and marketer. Fomo bars have been in this blogosphere for quite some time now. They provide excellent work in reducing the abandoned cart rate.

[su_box title=”Glossary” box_color=”#21ff50″]FOMO stands for fear of missing out. Its a marketing strategy used by marketers who usually sell digital products.[/su_box]

This is really beneficial for you if you sell digital products too, for instance, an e-book or a software

Even if you don’t sell anything, you can still use this tool to help you get more leads faster.

Before any further clarification, let me highlight some of it’s best features, and after that, I will show you why you exactly need this plugin and what is social proof.


Client Reviews
You can use WPfomify to display client reviews and ratings in sleek notification style.

Create Urgency
Showing time-limited offers can help you boost your conversions by creating urgency.

Conversion Tracking
WPfomify provides UTM fields to add your parameters and track with Google Analytics.

Granular Targeting
Take complete control of who, when, and where sees the notifications from WPfomify.

Extensive Documentation
They have created all the resources you need to get started with WPfomify or opt for friendly support.

Completely Responsive
WPfomify is designed to work beautifully on all kind of devices.

World Class Support
They take pride in building great products and offering friendly support.

Powerful Integrations
WPFomify works with popular WordPress plugins and email marketing services like the drip, Aweber.

Design Options
Easily customize the look and feel for WPfomify to match with your site’s branding and appearance.

Real Time Customer Activity
Display real-time customer activity data from your eCommerce or LMS website.

You can easily integrate this plugin with EDD plugin ( easy digital downloads ). This will enable you to show the latest sales of your digital products you sell through EDD plugin.

No branding is necessary, and WPfomify Handels all the cookies related functioning automatically.


Price of WPFomify

You choose to opt for 1 site license priced at $69, 5 site license priced at $199 or the unlimited one priced at $299.

The smartest choice will remain to get yourself a lifetime license. This will save you a great deal of money and the Hassel of paying yearly.

With the unlimited license, you get

  • Use on Unlimited websites
  • Access to all Add-ons
  • Support for Lifetime
  • Updates for Lifetime

There is also a money back guarantee. In case you are unhappy, or WPfomify isn’t working for you. You can request a refund within 14 days of purchase.

If you choose to pay yearly, you will also get a 30% discount on renewals. You can also use this plugin on your client’s sites.

WPFomify works excellent when you need it, but when do you need this plugin?

The answer to that will lead to another question that is

What is social proof?

Social proof is different than what it sounds, it’s actually a human’s psychological behavior, where someone acts or replicates someone’s behavior or acts, assuming that it is correct and beneficial.

Most of the online marketers nowadays use social proofing to increase the success rates of their clients. Generally, these clients belong to commerce or small-scale seller site.

People fear of getting left behind in this continuously growing world, and social proofing just triggers the sense of that fear. This is a highly effective marketing strategy, especially for start-up software developers and sellers.

Configuration & Tutorial

Since I got a first-hand experience of WPFomify, I can show you some in-depth configuration settings, and I have also included a small tutorial of how this plugin works.

Types of Fomos

Currently, there are 4 types of FOMOs available.

1. Notification bar
2. Conversion
3. Reviews
4. Floating bar

Preview of Conversion fomo bar

Preview of conversion settings of wpfomify

Preview of reviews fomo bar

Preview of reviews settings of wpfomify

Preview of floating fomo button

Preview of floating button-settings

The configuration of each of them is straightforward. You can choose to display a default headline with the default picture and content. However,  it is always better to curate each campaign especially.

There are 4 types of other settings as well. These include tracking, visibility, content and design. Let me show you some of the screenshots from the plugin :


* Click on the images to enlarge.

You can configure tracking and visibility as per your campaigns. This will help you in understanding your audience. You can also customize your fomos to match your Brand.

When you should use this plugin? 

This plugin works best if you have a blog or a WordPress site which is active in sales. You must have active engagement on your blog like review voting, or if you sell digital products such as e-books, etc.  Should have consistent sales.

If you don’t have any of these, probably you won’t need this plugin.

If you run a network, agency, or a company which makes websites for e-commerce or small-scale sellers, you should be using this plugin on those.  This will help you in increasing sales like never before.

Even if you have a blog and you sell various e-books such as WordPress e-book, PHP coding e-books, etc., this plugin can help you create more sales as well.


WPFomify is one of the best plugins to practice social proofing. It has excellent features and easy integration with leading services.  You can get started with your first FOMO within 10 minutes of installation.

The cost of the licenses is competitive when compared with other social proof plugins.  They have a dedicated plugin for WordPress users and offer a money-back guarantee if you feel that Wpfomify isn’t for you.

You can use this on as many sites as you want I would highly recommend this one to website developers and agency owners. The plugin is fast and didn’t feel like self-promotion.

Support is quite great. You can reach out to the team, and they typically reply within several minutes.

No effect was detected when I used the Pingdom to test the speed after enabling the plugin. This is the green signal as this doesn’t affect your SEO in any way.

The whole data this plugin displays is 100% original and isn’t biased towards the end of conversions.

Note that WPfomify is capable of showing real-time actions happening on your site, but this is dependent upon how busy your visitors are. Are they taking any actions?

The latest activity data is shown concerning when it happened. Suppose if some bought a book from my site a month ago, the FOMO bar would show the same. It won’t say something like an hour ago.

Similarly, when someone just bought a book, it will show a label of right know.

Needless to say, I was not able to find any possible glitches that could affect the user experience at any point.  I feel you should go ahead and try WPFomify and I don’t think it will take you down.

Discover WPfomify >>

Do share your experience with WPfomify in the comments section below and also share this post on twitter and facebook.

If you have used WPfomify I would like to know your experience and also respond if you face any problems with it.

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