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We have prepared this exclusive page for all the eager beavers who are willing to contribute significantly to the online marketing niche & blogging community.

BforBloggers is a blog in the online marketing & blogging niche which includes categories like WordPress, Blogging tutorials, Social media marketing and SEO.

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Before Submitting a Guest Post

You need to have your own blog. You need to be a blogger, content marketer, SEO or a WordPress enthusiast in order to submit a guest post on BforBloggers.

You may submit your Idea on topics related to:-

WordPress  – we accept posts about WordPress Plugins, Themes, hacks, and better integrations. Browse our WordPress category, you’ll find some awesome and quality tutorials, tips and how-to guides to top lists of plugins. We use and play with WordPress every day and if you have something to share with our online community, BforBloggers welcomes you.

Blogging – You can write about better Blogging tricks, Blogging Tools, platforms, and management. If you want to share a guest post on blogging, browse our blogging tutorials category to make sure you don’t end up submitting a duplicate one.

Making money online– Submit a guest post on genuine Ideas for making money through a blog. This is one of the most search topics in the blogging niche so make sure your articles are thorough and original. For reference, look at our make money category.

Social media and Digital Marketing – Ideas for making most of the social networking sites and digital marketing. Do have a look at our social media marketing tags and think of a guest post that would suit it.

Online Marketing & SEO – You may have a look at our online marketing & SEO category to know what we look and expect from our guest authors. You can submit a well written 1000+ words of guest post related to online marketing & SEO here on BforBloggers.

Entrepreneurship & Motivation – Have some great ideas, tips and useful information for entrepreneurs or motivational tips, your story or an idea that can help bloggers and newcomers succeed in their online businesses? You are welcome to BforBloggers.

You can write about the above 5 categories and send the excerpts of your post or a part of your idea using the form below. Don’t send the whole post. I will contact you if you are approved.


Your posts on BforBloggers will give us the copyright. You cannot republish it.

If you make a point and it is based on data, cite the source.

Your post should be All original and Unique. Violations will result in banning you once and for all.

If you use images from sources, give credit to the source.

If you are new to BforBloggers, make sure you’ve read at least 5 posts written by Aayush Bhaskar. Make a better picture in your mind if your shoes will fit us or not.

After Submission

  1. You give us the right to use your post all over our blog, email list and social media.
  2. You should answer all of the comments that may get posted on your blog posts. Not for my convenience, do it for better interactions and exposure.
  3. You may self-promote too.
  4. You may use the post wherever you want to give the reference for but bear in mind, use appropriate credits.

Those who will be approved will be given a dedicated contributor or even an author profile here on BforBloggers. Our recent qualified guest authors include Jerico.

Start your email with ” Hi Aayush, I have a guest post idea worth looking at”.

Send me your ideas through the form below:-

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Do not send me the whole post through this form. The only thing I need to approve you is 100-200 words on any given topic that is relevant to this blog.

Please, don’t ask me anything about backlinks. If you believe in exposure and more opportunities, this blog is for you.


A guest post doesn’t always need to be a new post. If you have encountered a post here on BforBloggers and you think you can, even more, enhance the existing information or write better than our existing content, feel free to fill that form and update any of the articles.