Zest.is: High-Quality Content Boost for Marketers and Bloggers

This one tool, called Zest. will change the way you find new relevant content and promote your own content.

If you’ve ever faced writer’s block, or if you often struggle to find high-quality content, you are going to love this. Seriously, every time you publish a new post, you might feel:

“Okay, so what’s next?”.

You are often reading how high-quality content helps you rank better on search engines and generate more traffic.  And believe me, content marketers and SEOs are killing it with publishing “long-form” content that is so in-depth that no one dares to copy.

That was the boring part.

The funny thing is that you can actually get distilled content ideas for your blog posts without searching for them.

Zest is a content stream that you can find thousands of content focused on marketing, blogging and SEO, and other related niches. It has been more than 2 weeks since I started to use this tool.

Zest is a content stream that features some of the most powerful marketing content around the web. The main aim of using Zest is to find high-quality content in a specific category without wasting your time browsing the web.

Every day several new articles are featured on the Zest distilled content stream.

The main page features various blog posts from different blogs. These blog posts are given one or more categories to easily switch the category and see the articles on a specific topic you want.

Since every article on Zest is unique, you can definitely increase your knowledge using it regularly.

Zest was founded by Yam Regev, the current CEO, and Idan Yalovich, the CTO.

People who use Zest suggest links that they consider deserving to be on their stream. Only ~1% of the suggested articles get approved to maintain a standard. After all, this is what makes it unique and quality-focused.

I approved, each suggested link is scheduled to be posted, and the tribe members will also give your content some tags that they feel are relevant. This makes it easier for users to find the content of their interest.

The content you’ll see on the Zest content stream is manually approved. A team that is known as “tribe members” will manually read all of your content, and they’ll decide if your content is unique and valuable enough to be featured or not.

This is a human touch from the Zest. Is the team, and it does a tough job for someone using the platform with manipulative intention. Now you know that the content you see on it is some of the best articles suggested.

So far, all of the articles I suggested got approved, so I have a 86% success rate in suggestions. You can achieve the same (or even better) by maintaining the quality of the articles you suggest.

If you read an article and think everyone on Zest must-read, suggest the link using their chrome extension.

Zest is a free platform, and you don’t have to pay for anything. I feel everyone who belongs to:

Should be reading and using Zest.

One of the many things you can use Zest for is finding shareable, click-with, and trending topics to write about. You can simply search for a keyword, topic or simply select a category you want to read about.

The first page of search engines has 10 articles, all for one single keyword and topic. So, if you can write better content than there is out there, you’ll eventually generate more organic traffic.

Using Zest, this becomes a little bit easy. It has a feature that lets you sort articles based on clicks and shares apart from time.  You can simply go to its homepage and sort the articles to see the topics that get the most clicks.

By doing so, you’ll know on what topic you should write your next post to gain more traffic and clicks. This eliminates the tension of guesswork.

To get started, you’ll have to connect your LinkedIn account to Zest. That’s all you have to do if you want to join and suggest articles; otherwise, it’s unnecessary to join if you only want to read.

Overall, Zest is an amazing content stream. However, their team needs a little bit of work to place suggested articles in a relevant category. Few of my cornerstone posts got placed in incorrect categories, which cost me fewer clicks.

I would recommend you join and suggest some articles as you may gain a good number of your profile followers. It is a good source of traffic for weekends too.

So, I would really recommend you to Zest. It’s free, and you’ll feel for yourself how it helps you enhance your knowledge and productivity. I hope you would not get another writer’s block once you start using it.

And if you publish excellent content, you can self-suggest your articles on Zest to get extra traffic.

Let me know how you are using Zest in your content marketing efforts.

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  1. Great man, thanks for sharing a tool like Zest.is. For content marketers, I think it will be awesome.

  2. Joop Poepersma says:

    What happened to this site? It looks so mouthwateringly awesome judging from your descriptions of the tool and what it does, but to my dismay it appears they got bought out or something! ☹️

    This situation is heavily reminiscent of a little something which we internet citizens very sadly tend to see all too often these days; especially when it concerns a (relatively) small company solely reliant on the development and maintenance of just a single website and/or internet service for the vast majority (or all) of their revenue.

    I have had the intense displeasure of encountering a great many situations such as this in the past. In fact, I have been exposed to this cursed company-buys-company&everyone’s-SOL ordeal so often and to an extent such that it has permanently and irrevocably changed me. Which explains why my brain is already beginning to conjure images reminiscent of the absolute vilest, sickest, most repulsive, and thoroughly disgusting fecal discharge ever produced by man. I still cri evrytiem 😢

    I jest, of course. 😇 And naturally I may have (ever so slightly) indulged myself in some ridicule and hyperbole on occasion 🥴😆, but I honestly do suspect that all of us (likely including the lucky few who have managed to use the tool previously), will henceforth no longer be able to make use of the functionality described in this article. Whether one visits the original zest.is website, or the website of the company that seems to have bought them up, it doesn’t matter. I tried both, but was ultimately not successful in my attempt to locate the original Zest tool, nor was I able to discover anything even remotely resembling that which was described and shown in the text and screenshots included with this article. 😭😭😭

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